Vodka vs Everclear:  5 Reasons Everclear Wins in Homemade Vanilla

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Vanilla Extract made with Vodka is good, but Everclear is BETTER. Here's 5 Top Reasons Why.


Higher Alcohol Content

Everclear typically has a much higher alcohol content than other alcohols, such as vodka, which makes it more efficient at extracting the flavor and aroma from vanilla beans.


Neutral Flavor and Odor

Everclear is a very neutral-tasting alcohol, which means it won't overpower the flavor of the vanilla extract or add any unwanted taste or smell to the final product. Unlike Vodka which has a slight flavor and odor.


Quick Extraction

The high alcohol content in Everclear allows for a quicker extraction process, so you can make your vanilla extract in a shorter amount of time. Note: It should be diluted with water to a safe and appropriate concentration.


Better Preservation

The high alcohol content also helps to preserve the vanilla extract for a longer period of time than other alcohols.


Taste Consistency

The quality of Vodka varies between brands. Some brands will produce a very boozy vanilla extract. Everclear, however, being a single brand will always have consistent taste results.

If you are intrigued and want to learn more, quick and grab the full recipe with all the juicy details you need to make excellent Homemade Vanilla Extract with Everclear. 

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