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Looking for creative ways to decorate your home on a budget? Thrift stores and secondhand shops are a great place to find unique home decor items that can be repurposed and given a new life.

Well, look no further.

These 5 ideas will spark your creativity and help you create a stylish and personalized home.  So let's get started and discover the wonderful world of repurposing!



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Use containers of all sizes & shapes to create beautiful homemade candles.


Homemade Candles

Nothing beats the sweet smell of beeswax candles. They are easy to make and have amazing health benefits to burn. 

Take a plain and boring item & upcycle it to fit your style.


Cast Iron Table Base

Take an old cast iron table base and turn it into a side table, outdoor bistro table, or a Berkey Water filter stand fit for a victorian style dining room!

Repurpose a piece of furniture that is no longer relevant or useable.


Grandfather Clock bookshelf

I found a very old handmade Grandfather clock that had none of its parts. But it spoke bookshelf to me. Now it has a new life and is cherished.

Love vintage dishes? They are great for food & candles. But also, plants!


Vintage Dish Planters

I have a dish obsession. But there are only so many dishes you need for food. Good news dish lovers! They make the most charming plant pots!

Vintage Frames sometimes are missing pieces. But they can still be useful!


Antique Frame Memoboard

These two charming antique frames were missing their glass and backboard. But this was an easy way to make them functional decor.

These 5 ideas will spark your creativity and help you create a stylish and personalized home.  So let's get started and discover the wonderful world of Upcycling!



5 ideas for

Ugly decor that has been "ruined" can be made beautiful again with a little work.


Vintage Mirrors or Frames

You wouldn't recognize this mirror as it was spray painted bright pink when I bought it for $5. A little acrylic paint and imagination can do wonders. 

Sometimes you have a beautiful piece of furniture that is no longer your style...


Art Deco to Swedish Folk Art

This $30 Art Deco style wardrobe was beautiful, but not quite my style. I allowed my imagination room to see it as something else quite different. 

You may find something really cheap because it's damaged...


Damaged to French Country

I found a beautiful antique buffet in dire shape, but it was too unique to allow it to be trash. If you find a damaged piece, the repairs maybe worth it.

Don't let a bad paint job stop you from getting what you want out of a piece.


Paint Stripped Mirror

This lovely lady was $5 and painted purple. I imagine it got passed by a lot of other people. But the paint was really easy to get off. And now look at her!

Items can sometimes have multiple purposes. Those are the holy grail.


Piano Stool Plant Stand

This antique piano stool had seen better days. It still had its original horsehair padding. And it makes the best plant stand!

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