Have you ever found yourself with an antique frame that you no longer have any use for? Or maybe you stumbled upon one in a thrift store and thought it would be a great addition to your home decor.

Well, today we're going to show you how to repurpose that old frame into a beautiful pinboard. The perfect addition to any room!

You need a few supplies:

A Frame, or two Hardboard or Backing Cardboard or Cork Fabric Hot Glue Gun

Step One: Cut Cardboard or Cork to Size

You can use a good pair of scissors or an X-Acto Knife to cut your cardboard or cork to size. Note: I doubled up on my cardboard so my pin had plenty of depth to go in all the way.

Step Two: Cut Your Fabric to Size

Lay your fabric down inside the frame and lay the cardboard down on top of it. Then cut around the perimeter. Leave enough space to hot glue it around the edges.

Step Three: Cut Your Backboard

If your frame has a backboard, you can skip this step. Mine did not come with one, so I had to cut the hardboard to fit using my Dremel. Place it on top of your cardboard or cork.

Step Four: Hot Glue them Together

Pull the fabric taut and draw a bead of hot glue down one edge. Then press it down firmly until it's adhered. Do this for each side. Remember to turn it over and check that the fabric has no wrinkles or loose spots.

Step Five: Add a Sawtooth Hanger

If your frame has hanging hardware you can skip this step! Mine did not and so I quickly added one in the top center. Just tap softly to get the nail going, then move your finger out of the way!

Step Six: Add Art & Enjoy!

The last step is to add a piece or two of vintage botanical paintings (or really any vintage art will do). But if you need some ideas I have you covered! Now, Enjoy your beautiful new frame!