Egg Shaped


How to Make

Step One

Get whole eggs, one for each candle you want to make. And a sharp skewer or knife. 

Step Two

Tap your sharp object gently on the top until you break through. Poke a small hole in the top of each egg. You may need to chip away at it slowly. 

Step Three

Using your skewer poke in and out the small hole to coax the yolk and white to slowly come out. Then wash your eggshells thoroughly, boil them, or sterilize them in the oven at 240° for 10-20 minutes.

Step Four

Melt your beeswax and coconut oil in a double boiler. Secure your wick to the bottom of your eggshell and hold it in place with a clothes pin. Then carefully pour the melted mixture into the small hole in the top of the eggshell.

Step Five

Let them cure overnight. Then carefully remove the eggshells to reveal your beautiful egg candles.