1. Rub on Transfers

Using rub-on transfers to decorate your wooden eggs gives you infinite design possibilities! Also, if you find you don't like the design you can simply RUB them off and try again!

2. Decoupage

A fun and simple way to decorate wooden Easter eggs with style! Again, infinite possibilities. To decoupage you need Mod Podge, a paintbrush, and tissue paper (or fancy napkins!)

3. Watercolor

Fun for kids and adults alike! Grab a cheap set of watercolors, paintbrushes, and some wooden eggs. It is better if you think about your design first! You can even draw lightly with a pencil first!

4. Washi Tape

Another fun one for kids and adults alike! You really cannot mess this up. BUT you can have more fun by cutting out shapes, polka dots, or hearts even! The more fun the washi tape design, the more colorful your wooden eggs will be!

5. Easter Egg Tree

When you're done decorating your wooden eggs make sure to display them proudly on your very own Easter egg tree! Simply forage for some beautiful branches and stick them in a vase. Just make sure the branches can hold the weight of the wooden eggs.

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