Glass Cloche Displays

DIY Alice in Wonderland

These miniature worlds allow you to capture the essence of the story’s whimsy, from the Mad Hatter’s tea party to the enigmatic Cheshire Cat.

Glass Cloche Wood Slices Moss Foam Mushrooms X-Acto Knife Hot Glue Gun & Glue Twinkle Lights Paper Scenes* *Free Download

Tools & Supplies

Choosing "scenes" for your little world is the absolute foundation. Download this free print in the full post.


The next element to decide on is going to be supporting pieces that will help create that world. Like wood slices, moss, twigs, or even sprigs.


Decide how permanent you want this to be. You can use hot glue to put your "world" together.


Pick a place to display your new miniature worlds. Add a little more charm by varying heights. I chose to use a stack of Alice in Wonderland books.


Don't forget to add the details! I used twinkle lights to make these beautiful scenes light up in the night which adds more whimsy!


to watch the full video tutorial

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