In this quick tutorial, I'm going to give you all the tips & tricks to create beautiful wood-burned art out of a repurposed mirror frame. Or any wooden frame for that matter!



How to

It's important to start with a painted surface, the wood burning will essentially be melting the paint vs. burning the wood in this project.

choose the design


I chose to do use Norse and Viking inspired designs on my frame.  I simply googled and looked in the images until I found what I wanted to use.

trace the design


Use objects like a round can of stain and a metal ruler to get perfect circles and straight lines. Work your way around the frame filling in your design until it's completed.

wood burning


Sometimes when you get into wood burning you decide to add more complicated designs, that's ok, too.  Use the metal ruler to guide your wood-burning tool while you make your lines. Beware, it does make the ruler hot.

wood burning  continued


For fun, you can add personal dates, names, or quotes. I chose to use Norse runes to spell out our family names and special dates when our family started. 

distress & protect


I chose to do a light distressing with a 220-grit sandpaper pad.  Any protective coat will work, I chose to use Minwax Furniture wax and it has held up tremendously. 

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