Vintage Valentine’s Free Printable Cards

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like a heartfelt, handmade card. If you’re looking for a unique way to express your feelings this year, why not try using vintage Valentine’s Day card printables? These charming designs take me back to a simpler time, of handwritten love letters, and heartfelt messages. In this post, I’ll share some adorable ideas on how to use these vintage Valentine’s Day cards using our free printable cards.

Beautiful colorful vintage Valentine's Day cards hanging as a bunting in a dining room.

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This collection of valentines has a truly authentic vintage vibe. However, retro valentines can definitely be multipurpose, they’re more than just a love note to a special person. Though that is a pretty important purpose!

In fact, I can’t think of a more beautiful tradition than that of people expressing their love and appreciation for each other with a valentine’s day card that will be treasured for a lifetime. That’s really what inspired me this year while searching for the perfect card.

These free printable Valentine’s day cards have vibrant colors, and whimsical characters, but my favorite part is the fun vintage images. I have my favorite designs, so what are yours?

DIY Vintage Valentine’s Day Decorations and Much More

There is something wonderful about the phrase free download. These happy valentine’s day images gave me all sorts of inspiration and put me in the true spirit of the holiday of love!

Download these Free Printable Valentine Cards

This collection of vintage Valentine’s day card graphics was so much fun to put together. I’m so excited to offer it to you for free as a part of my subscriber’s library.

Vintage valentine's day free printables, 16 different designs on the cover.
Two dark skin children, a little girl in a pink dress, and a little boy in coveralls handing her a valentine's day card.

These printables are available as a free download in the Wonderland Subscriber Library. By simply entering your email address and subscribing you get full access. Please remember these are for personal use only.

Print, Cut, and Create

It’s really as simple as putting 9 pieces of 80 lb cardstock in your printer and printing them out. Not a complicated process at all.

Then cut them out leaving as much or as little of the design whole as you want. I chose to keep them whole and use them in a really cute bunting and wall art for my walls. So it took me less than 5 minutes to go from print, to cut, and then use.

But I would challenge you, especially if you have children to let them explore and personalize them. Especially if they’re going to be those lifetime treasures we discussed earlier. Merely printed-out cards don’t hold much value, it’s the time, consideration, and handwritten words that make them treasures.

Vintage Valentine's Day cards displayed in my dining room by farmhouse style shelves.

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Supplies for Creating a Vintage Valentine’s Day Card

Optional Supplies

10 Ideas How to Use These Free Printable Valentines

Valentines and vintage definitely pair together well, especially considering how whimsical the holiday makes me feel. I know one great way to use these Valentines would be as a postcard to a loved one far away, but here are 10 more ideas on how you can use these charming vintage cards.

Colorful nostalgic vintage Valentine's day cards hung on a string as a bunting.
Vintage Valentine's day printable cards hanging on a string over wooden shelves.

Vintage Valentine’s Day cards can be used in a variety of ways, such as:

  1. Wall Art. Displaying them in a frame or on a wall as decoration. I chose my four favorites and displayed them in my floating frames in my dining room among my other Valentine’s Day decor.
  2. Graphic Elements. They are bright, colorful, and charming and would make wonderful additions to any junk journals, scrapbooks, or memory books!
  3. Inspiration. Use them as inspiration for creating your own homemade Valentine’s Day card designs!
  4. Repurpose. Repurposing them into other crafts such as decoupage, collage, or digital collage sheets would be an absolutely fantastic project to do with your kids! You can even use all the different designs decoupaged on top of items like mason jars, etc.
  5. Valentine’s Day Bunting. It’s one of my favorite ways to display vintage cards (or even new cards!).
  6. Party Decorations for a Valentine Theme. Incorporating them into a vintage-themed Valentine’s Day party or event decor is an instant yes for me. You could also cut out the cute little characters as a cake topper, and use the cards to create a banner. And can you say photo booth props?
  7. Classroom Resources. Teachers, pair these with a treat bag for your students or use them as printable classroom valentine cards for classroom valentines.
  8. Gift Tags. Imagine one of these lovely free printable tags atop a beautiful Valentine’s day gift like chocolates or fresh flowers. In fact, I’d swoon at the thoughtfulness and style!
  9. Stickers. Print these beautiful free printable Valentine’s day cards out using sticker paper to create unique custom stickers!
  10. Bookmarks. Cut them up and create charming bookmarks for yourself or a few book-loving friends.

Vintage Valentine’s Day Card-Making Tips

I’m not really sure you could mess this project up, but here are a few great tips to make the whole experience the good kind of memorable!

Little scottish boy in highland gear holding a red heart Valentine in his hand,.
Vintage Valentine with a little girl in a pink dress.

These printables are available as a free download in the Wonderland Subscriber Library. By simply entering your email address and subscribing you get full access. Please remember these are for personal use only.

  • For a Nice Straight Edge. You can use sharp scissors if you have a steady hand, but the best thing to use is a good paper guillotine to get a really nice clean, straight edge on your Valentine images.
  • Personalize it. You should add fun elements like paper doilies, a scrapbook background, as well as glitter to these vintage Valentine postcards. Because this will definitely take them to the next level. It also gives it a personal touch that honestly means the most of any handmade gift.

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