60 Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions

When you gather around the Thanksgiving table this year I’ve got the perfect game that you can play full of fun conversation starters. The best part is there are no wrong answers and everyone gets to have fun together! Here are 60 Thanksgiving Would You Rather icebreaker questions.

Thanksgiving would you rather question printables cut up and placed in an ironstone teacup.

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How Do You Play Would You Rather?

There are a couple of options to play a Thanksgiving Would You Rather. However, which one you choose will depend on a couple of factors like party size and where you’re wanting to play it.

Would You Rather: 3 Different Options

The options are kind of limitless, so don’t feel boxed in. These are simply some great recommendations to help get you started!

Single Person Answers

A great option to keep the conversation going is to ask Thanksgiving Would You Rather questions at the diner table.

  • Ask one person at a time.
  • Either randomly or clockwise around the table.
  • Once a person answers, you could ask them to explain why they chose their answer.

Sometimes the real fun is the back-and-forth banter that happens when you discuss an odd theoretical situation.

Everyone Gets Answers

Going around in a circle and having everyone answer is the more traditional way to play Thanksgiving Would You Rather.

It’s fun to have all the prompts on strips of paper and just have each person take a turn picking from a bucket, basket, or bowl. They read the prompt out loud and then they start by answering the question themselves.

Then every other person will answer the prompt going around the room clockwise. It’s great to encourage chatting in between. It’s definitely not a strict answer and move-on kind of game. We want discussion, laughter, and even a few rabbit trails!

Two Person Challenge

In this version, you will split everyone into pairs. And in the end, it kind of becomes a compatibility game.

  • Ask each team a question and then count to three. Then each opponent will say their answers out loud.
  • Matching answers earns 1 point.
  • Keep asking questions until their answers don’t match.
  • When the team’s answers don’t match you’ll move on to the next team.
  • The team with the most points wins!

Majority Wins

Everyone gets a piece of paper and a pen before you start.

  • Ask the question aloud to the whole room and everyone writes their answers down.
  • On the count of three everyone reveals their answers.
  • The majority with the same answer wins a point.
  • Repeat this process for all the questions.
  • The player with the most points wins.

An Interactive Version

This is a great version if you have a large amount of younger kids in attendance that you want to participate in the games.

There is a popular Would You Rather Thanksgiving Edition trend on TikTok where the entire family can potentially participate. You don’t necessarily have to use TikTok to do this version, either. Simply put on some fun music and split the room in half.

  • The answers are split into the left and right sides of the room.
  • When the question is prompted you will head to whichever direction is your preferred answer.

The most fun part of this challenge is the background music. So those participating or not participating can still be having fun being goofy or dancing. And there is definitely no age limit. The more diversity in age the more fun it gets!

Ironstone teacup full of thanksgiving would you rather questions as cards.

Thanksgiving Would You Rather

All of these are completely free to download as a part of the Wonderland Subscriber Library. You can sign up for free and get access to all of my printables and other resources.

Thanksgiving Would You Rather questions for icebreakers page one with ten questions on it.
Thanksgiving Would You Rather questions for icebreakers page two with ten questions on it.

Set One

  • Would you rather eat an entire turkey by yourself or eat all the Green Bean Casserole by yourself?
  • Would you rather dress up in a pilgrim costume or dress up as a Native American?
  • Would you rather live without cranberry sauce or apple pie?
  • Would you rather eat Thanksgiving leftovers for a month or have no Thanksgiving feast?
  • Would you rather watch Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade or watch a football game?
  • Would you rather have fun dinner conversations or run in a Turkey Trot race?
  • Would you rather spend Thanksgiving with your immediate family or have an extended family gathering?
  • Would you rather sit next to someone who doesn’t stop talking or someone who constantly eats from your plate?
  • Would you rather be the best cook on Thanksgiving or the best host?
  • Would you rather spend the entire Thanksgiving weekend in Hawaii alone or spend the whole week at home with your family?

Set Two

  • Would you rather eat only the main course for the whole meal or only the sides for the whole meal?
  • Would you rather play a gratitude game or Thanksgiving bingo?
  • Would you rather be invited to the White House for Thanksgiving or dine with the Royals?
  • Would you rather say thank you in a card or in person?
  • Would you rather cook the best Thanksgiving meal for strangers or cook a failed meal for your family?
  • Would you rather cook all the food for Thanksgiving dinner or wash all the dishes after Thanksgiving dinner?
  • Would you rather cook over an open flame or use a microwave to cook the whole Thanksgiving meal?
  • Would you rather discuss politics at the adult table or the kid table?
  • Would you rather be the NFL halftime show or Coach one of the teams for that game?
  • Would you rather spend Thanksgiving without any conversation or having an awkward conversation?
Thanksgiving Would You Rather questions for icebreakers page three with ten questions on it.
Thanksgiving Would You Rather questions for icebreakers page four with ten questions on it.

Set Three

  • Would you rather bake all the desserts or cook all the side dishes?
  • Would you rather reminisce fun memories with family photo albums or family videos?
  • Would you rather have a fun dinner conversation or a fun family karaoke party?
  • Would you rather play a fun game with an entire group or one on one?
  • Would you rather have an awesome thanksgiving or an awesome Christmas?
  • Would you rather eat all the best things for one Thanksgiving meal or have your favorite dish for every meal for a week?
  • Would you rather host Thanksgiving dinner or attend Thanksgiving as a guest?
  • Would you rather be without mashed potatoes or stuffing for Thanksgiving dinner?
  • Would you rather pay $100 for your Thanksgiving meal or get paid $1000 to eat nothing?
  • Would you rather eat an entire pumpkin pie or drink a gallon of apple cider?

Set Four

  • Would you rather play a fun thanksgiving game or eat an extra plate of dessert?
  • Would you rather spend the entire thanksgiving dinner with your entire family or with your favorite Tik Tok star?
  • Would you rather grow your own pumpkin patch or raise your own turkey?
  • Would you rather play an active game inside or a board game outside?
  • Would you rather play Thanksgiving games with your family members or your favorite celebrities?
  • Would you rather swim in a pool of gravy or a pool of whipped cream?
  • Would you rather sit at the kid’s table for the entire thanksgiving meal or not eat any dessert?
  • Would you rather eat the Thanksgiving meal at the family dinner table or at a fancy restaurant?
  • Would you rather go back to the first thanksgiving as a pilgrim or a native American?
  • Would you rather eat an entire Thanksgiving dinner by yourself or watch someone eat an entire Thanksgiving dinner themselves?

Would You Rather Questions for Kids: Thanksgiving Edition

These Thanksgiving Would You Rather questions aren’t just for adults, they’re a perfect way to involve the kiddos! Here are a few questions just for them!

Thanksgiving Would You Rather questions for kids the second page with 10 questions on it.
Thanksgiving Would You Rather questions for kids the second page with 10 questions on it.

Set One

  1. Would you rather eat your Thanksgiving meal with your hands or open Christmas presents with utensils?
  2. Would you rather eat a Thanksgiving meal on a farm or in a big city?
  3. Would you rather dress up like a turkey or dress up like a pumpkin for Thanksgiving?
  4. Would you rather spend hours eating your Thanksgiving meal or have Thanksgiving food be an instant download in your stomach?
  5. Would you rather eat mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes?
  6. Would you rather wear a coat of turkey feathers or a pilgrim hat for the rest of your life?
  7. Would you rather attend a themed Thanksgiving party or a Thanksgiving parade?
  8. Would you rather spend a whole week baking Thanksgiving treats or a whole week doing awesome Thanksgiving crafts?
  9. Would you rather go black Friday shopping or take your whole family on a Thanksgiving scavenger hunt?
  10. Would you rather forget about Thanksgiving or forget about Halloween?

Set Two

  1. Would you rather eat as much Halloween candy as you want or eat all the Thanksgiving dessert you want?
  2. Would you rather drink warm gravy or unsweetened cranberry juice?
  3. Would you rather go without a turkey for Thanksgiving or no presents for Christmas?
  4. Would you rather eat a turkey leg or a turkey wing?
  5. Would you rather eat until you’re sick or not eat at all and go hungry?
  6. Would you rather eat with your hands or shove your face into your plate with no hands?
  7. Would you rather wear your pajamas to Thanksgiving dinner or wear fancy clothes?
  8. Would you rather do a Thanksgiving craft or a Thanksgiving scavenger hunt?
  9. Would you rather watch a football game or watch a Thanksgiving parade?
  10. Would you rather eat candied yams or green bean casserole?
Thanksgiving would you rather question printables cut up and placed in an ironstone teacup.

Other Great Thanksgiving Activities

When you’ve gone through all 60 questions you can give these other activities a whirl!


Most Thanksgiving Would You Rather questions could easily be asked to children or adults alike. Especially since they’re all rhetorical and fun-hearted.

The best kinds of questions to ask for Thanksgiving trivia would include things about food, cooking, and iconic Thanksgiving topics like turkey, parades, and football games.

A few great games for Thanksgiving are This or That, Would You Rather, Thanksgiving Trivia, etc.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope I have given you some inspiration, ideas for creativity, and maybe a push to start creating your own wonderland one piece or project at a time.

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