Thanksgiving I Spy Printable Activity

One of the many spectacular ways to keep the kids busy this holiday season is with these 5 free Thanksgiving I Spy printable activities.

Thanksgiving Turkey I Spy page with pilgrim hats, pies, turkeys, and thanksgiving feast.

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Whether you’re hosting or not, nothing beats having a few free thanksgiving printables as a fun boredom buster. Printable activities are a great way to keep young children occupied before and after Thanksgiving dinner.

In fact, having younger children myself I like to keep fun thanksgiving worksheets, or a thanksgiving activity book handy in the car. Fun Thanksgiving printables are great for traveling, a doctors office visit, or any occasion they may need to be patient.

And now that I have a Brother color laser printer I am obsessed with free printable coloring pages and printable activity sheets.

However, free printable coloring pages are fun as well. We keep a large assortment of color pencils, markers, crayons, and even paints available, too. Or for a perfect activity that’s reusable and mostly mess-free, you can laminate them and use dry erase markers for hours of learning fun.

Beyond being just a really fun activity, here are a few more great reasons to utilize free printable Thanksgiving activities:

  1. Learning Thanksgiving Vocabulary Words
  2. Visual Discrimination Between Thanksgiving Objects
  3. Number Recognition + Math Skills
  4. Easy Crafts and Art Skills
  5. Fine Motor Skills

5 Free Printable Thanksgiving I Spy Pages

It’s smart to be prepared with a fun activity if you’re hosting the Thanksgiving feast or if you’re bringing your kids. But beyond even a special event, a colorful printable full of thanksgiving-themed items is a great way to add a little happy Thanksgiving to Thanksgiving break.

Thanksgiving free printable I spy sheets with a vintage turkey holder and bees wax candle.

Thanksgiving I Spy Colored Version

Thanksgiving I spy activity with apple cider theme.
Thanksgiving I spy activity free printable with browns and blues turkey, pilgrim, bread, pie, etc.
Thanksgiving I spy printable activity with browns and greens, cornucopia, pilgrim hat, pumpkins, pie, etc.

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I love creating themed activities that use autumn colors that almost mimic the color of the changing of the leaves. Just one more reminder of the time of year we’re in. So, the first five Thanksgiving I Spy printables are full color and so much fun!

Thanksgiving I Spy printable activity with yellows and pinks, hot cocoa, corn, pumpkin pie, and apples.
Thanksgiving I Spy printable activity with bales of hay, scarecrow, pumpkins, and fall leaves.

Thanksgiving is a special occasion with that magic just like Christmas. I love to go a little overboard, especially for younger kids, to pull them into it. Once I started creating them I really couldn’t stop, so I made 6 different worksheets of Thanksgiving I Spy games. Including one free printable Thanksgiving I spy worksheet for coloring.

Thanksgiving I spy coloring page in black and white for little kids activities.

A Thanksgiving I Spy Themed Activity for Younger Kids

I may play a cute game of I spy with my little eye with my 2-year-old and count together to fill it in. It’s a great opportunity to build on her counting skills and help her learn what each correct number looks like.

Another great idea is to get out a magnifying glass and let your small kiddos really get into the search. Adding the extra prop doesn’t take much extra time or effort, but really adds to the fun.

Other Great Free Printables for Thanksgiving Fun

There are so many fun ways and fun activities to get younger children, and even older kids, involved in the joys of the upcoming holiday. Thanksgiving day is such a fun holiday, with delicious foods like pumpkin pie, delicious turkey, and most of all family togetherness. But even with a Thanksgiving feast children often need a little direction.

Beyond buying a few activity books, here are thanksgiving-themed activities and printable games that are completely free for you to have a great time.

The Thanksgiving feast themed Thanksgiving I Spy sheet.

Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Kids of All Ages

It’s great to have games, printable pages, or really any fun Thanksgiving activity for kids. But let us not forget the power of actually having fun together as a family! Here are a few ideas that really help you step up the fun factor in a perfect way.

30 Gratitude Activities for Thanksgiving

This post contains fun thanksgiving printables like printable thanksgiving crafts, a fun game, free thanksgiving coloring pages, a word search, a gratitude journal + prompts, Scavenger Hunt for the fall season, and much more.

24 Thanksgiving Games for Girls and Boys

If you’re looking for printable Thanksgiving games like Thanksgiving Bingo, or a great activity involving a few classic game options like a ring toss or relay race then this is going to be a great resource.

Thanksgiving Fun Facts for Kids

This actually has great Thanksgiving fun facts for the entire family and many I’m sure you probably didn’t know. This means it would make for great family trivia!

Vintage Thanksgiving Card bunting

If you’re looking for a really easy and fun Thanksgiving craft, this Thanksgiving card bunting is sure to do the trick. Super simple, with very few supplies required, with the added bonus of having gorgeous colorful vintage greeting cards to use with a thankful activity like a Thankful basket.

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope I have given you some great resources, inspiration, and a few great ideas to make this Thanksgiving holiday a treat for your little ones and your whole family.



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