DIY Thanksgiving Gratitude Wreath

Add a lovely touch of fall charm to your front door to greet guests this Thanksgiving day with a beautiful DIY Thanksgiving Gratitude Wreath. Let me tell you how you can make your own in several unique ways!

Inexpensive Thanksgiving gratitude wreath made with thrifted and free materials, a grapevine wreath, dried flowers, dried oak leaves, a hot glue gun, and a sharpie.

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I was walking through Walmart and saw this grapevine wreath on clearance with dried flowers and had this Thanksgiving wreath idea pop into my head. I adore dried flowers, especially to get me through the dreary days.

Thanksgiving is a favorite season in this house, we all enjoy watching the fall leaves change into a variety of fall colors. And then finding treasures like acorns and pine cones scattered on the ground.

It makes you feel nostalgic and as though the seasons changing is a little bit like magic. The whole month of November is a perfect time for your whole family to bond with a few great gratitude crafts. Bonus, creating and displaying beautiful gratitude wreaths are also a fun decoration everyone can enjoy including your guests!

What is a Thanksgiving Gratitude Wreath?

The most simple way I can describe it is a wreath where you can write out or express your thanks during the Thanksgiving season. They can be created in any home decor style and be used to hang in a variety of places by simply using a string or ribbon from the top of the wreath. Hang them from places as door decorations, in front of mirrors, cabinet doors, and the back of chairs.

Simple DIY Thanksgiving gratitude wreath homemade hanging on my mirror in my dining room.

How to Create a Thanksgiving Gratitude Wreath

There are so many options when it comes to designing your own DIY Thanksgiving gratitude wreath, so here are a few ideas to get you started in your own direction.

Keep in mind the supplies you choose probably depend on the age of the one doing the craft. Most options are for older kids, but this craft can definitely be adjusted in fun ways for a much younger crafter (2-year-old and up).

And if you’re a teacher you can easily adjust to make adorable student-crafted thankfulness wreaths.

Supplies for a Gratitude Wreath Craft

As far as easy goes, this is quite an easy thanksgiving craft. But how you design and create it definitely changes dramatically when you consider personal style. So, here are some great options to get you started. You may have some of these supplies already on hand!

Supplies for a handmade gratitude wreath for Thanksgiving dried oak leaves, a gold sharpie, hot glue gun, and a grapevine wreath with dried flowers.

I chose to use dried oak leaves, a golden sharpie pen, a hot glue gun, and a grapevine wreath with dried flowers.

Step One – The Base: Your Wreath Form

Naturally, most wreaths are circular, but you really could go for any wreath shape you desire.

Two grapevine wreaths with dried flowers, one large and one small sitting on a chair.

I purchased the larger grapevine wreath on clearance from Walmart for $5, and the smaller one from a thrift store for $3. There are so many great options for wreath types and styles!

  • Wire Wreath Frame
  • Styrofoam Wreath
  • Grapevine Wreath
  • Paper Plate an excellent option for younger kids
  • Create Your Own Willow Whip Wreath

Step Two – The Leaf Shapes

Again, so many options, though oak leaves I think are the most typical. But then there are the options for materials. plastic leaves, wooden leaves, real leaves, or even paper leaves.

Dried oak leaves and a grapevine wreath with dried flowers attached.

I have this beautiful oak tree right outside my dining room window with leaves just ready to be picked. I love free supplies!

Since the dried flowers were already attached it literally only took me 10 minutes to make this wreath. Which was mostly time spent waiting for my hot glue gun to heat up. I wrote things I’m grateful for with a gold sharpie on the oak leaves and then glued them on one at a time.

You could definitely fill in the wreath way more and have your entire family come up with things to write. The sharpies I purchased had gold, silver, and copper. I just love how simple it is.

Different Types of Thanksgiving Gratitude Wreaths

Don’t forget to include a gorgeous and creative thankful wreath in your thanksgiving crafts this holiday season. Here are 7 other great inspirations for you to choose from. Or find an excuse to do all of them!

DIY Thanksgiving gratitude wreath hanging on my mirror in my dining room.
  1. Wreath made with Corn Husks
  2. Burlap Ribbon Wreath
  3. Pine Cone Wreath
  4. Clothespin Wreath
  5. Printable Leaf Wreath
  6. Thanksgiving Wreath with Paper Leaves
  7. Thanksgiving Gratitude Wreath with Paper Cones

The Next Thing to Put on your “To Do” Thanksgiving Activities List

If you’re not much of a craft person, don’t worry. Thanksgiving thankful crafts are definitely not the only thing worth spending your time on together as a family this time of year.

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