DIY Easy Playing Card Streamer for Party Décor

Looking to add some extra flair to your game nights and other party celebrations? Get ready for good news as we show you how to craft a DIY playing card streamer using an old deck of cards (or four)! Let’s jump right into this fun and simple step-by-step guide.

A hanging playing card streamer as a backdrop in a dining room.

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Adding this playing card streamer offers a perfect backdrop for a photo opportunity. Also, a captivating focal point for game nights, poker soirées, or whimsical wonderland party themes.

It’s a versatile and eye-catching décor choice that enhances the overall ambiance, inviting guests to snap memorable photos and immerse themselves in the theme.

While this is a very simple DIY project there are a few supplies and tools that you will need to get started.

Most of these supplies can be found at your local craft stores like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and even Wal-Mart.

Vintage Note icon with a quill and ink bottle.

There are other great options beyond playing cards, have fun and mix it up with any deck of cards! Make your own with card stock, or even collect vintage ones. In fact, using vintage postcards or even holiday cards for the party streamers would also be beautiful.

How to Make a DIY Playing Card Streamer

This beautiful and unique playing card streamer is really very simple to put together. If you follow the steps below, you will very quickly have a gorgeous backdrop for photos worthy of any party you throw!

Watch the Full Tutorial in Video

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Supplies for making a playing card streamer, four decks of cards, black satin ribbon, gold thread, and gold ribbon.

Step One – Supplies

Take a moment to head to the store and pick up your supplies! Find the full list of supplies and tools used to create this playing card streamer above.

Depending on your theme you could even use different playing cards. There are playing cards for pretty much anything these days including popular movies, TV shows, etc.

I’ve even seen patriotic ones!

A playing card streamer and pile of cards that have been added randomly in a black and then red order.

Step Two – Create Stacks

In the middle of the process, I realized I should have started off more organized.

So, the best way to start is to open all of your card packs. Then separate the black cards from the red cards and shuffle.

At that point, you can then alternate black and red to create stacks of 20 cards. You will end up with 16 extra cards. And if your sewing machine has any issue these will come in handy to replace others!

Sewing the playing cards together with gold thread on a sewing machine. Creating a fancy playing card streamer as party decorations.

Step Three – Start Sewing

It goes without saying before you can start you have to thread your sewing machine with your gold thread. Also, fill your bobbin.

Then just start sewing them in a straight line, one card after the other. Until all 20 cards are sewn in a line.

Playing cards secured with bull clips sewing a playing card streamer.

Step Four – Secure the Cards

Another tip I learned while in the process of this DIY playing card streamer was the need to keep the streamers from falling everywhere.

Leaving out the top and bottom cards, fold the rest up and secure them with a bull clip. (Pictured below).

Sewing the top of the cards to the ribbon while creating a playing card streamer.

Step Five – Sewing the Cards to the Ribbon

For this step, you will take all 10 stacks of sewn-together playing cards onto the black satin ribbon.

I left about 6″ of ribbon before starting my first card. Then left about 1″ space between each card.

Line the card up in the center of the black ribbon keeping a straight line as best you can.

folding the top ribbon over the top of the cards to create an envelope effect.

Step Six – Enveloping the Card

Now fold the top of the ribbon down and sew it closed.

This creates an envelope effect which covers the top of the card and gives it a very clean appearance.

Sewn on gold ribbon to the ends to help tie the playing card garland to hooks on the wall.

Step Seven – Create Ties

I liked the idea of connecting fancy gold ribbon ties to each black ribbon end to tie a pretty little bow to the hooks.

But, you could also just create longer strings at the end and tie it with the black ribbon if that suits you, too.

I cut about 12″ of gold ribbon. Then folded it in half and sewed it to each of the black ribbon ends, four in total.

Hung and displaying playing card streamer from the ceiling in a corner.

Step Eight – Hang it!

I used 4 brass ceiling screw hooks to connect it to my walls just below my ceiling.

But first I measured to attempt to install both sides evenly. Which was harder than it looked because one side was on an angle and was a shorter wall than the other.

Decking the Halls: Creative Party Decor Ideas

Here are some imaginative party decor concepts that fit perfectly with this playing card streamer and won’t break the bank. Get ready to transform any gathering into a memorable event!

Full Alice in Wonderland Halloween decorated dining room with the Playing card streamer hung in the corner.

I created my DIY playing card streamer for my Alice in Wonderland “Mad Tea Part” Halloween theme this year. You can see the beautiful Playing Card Garland strung up as well as the red roses I painted red.

Crafting Magic: A Memorable DIY Playing Card Streamer for Your Next Party!

Incorporate this DIY playing card streamer into your next party, and watch as it effortlessly adds a touch of charm and whimsy to your decor.

cSimple, cost-effective, and bursting with creativity, this project is a testament to how small details can make a big impact. Here’s to hosting unforgettable gatherings and making every moment special!

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