The Before

It’s been almost 10 years since we moved into our wonderland in 2012, which is seriously hard to believe. When I first walked into the room I didn’t care that it was painted a hunter green, which was decidedly my least favorite color. It was the windows that had me. I was coming from a dark cabin that was built on the back of a hill covered in trees. So, for 5 years I got very little natural light in my home. The idea of moving into a home that was filled with natural light thrilled me.

The woman we purchased it from was obviously trying to upgrade it in her own way, but really ended up cosmetically destroying it. But we were up for the challenge, or so we thought.

Hunter green living room with a few chairs
The living room. I love the vaulted ceiling.
peach painted kitchen 90's style cabinetry and a white dishwasher
In the kitchen the walls were half peach, half hunter green, and the counters had been sponge painted green and red. Very festive for Christmas!
Bright Yellow Dining Room with a stone surrounded pot belly stove
Bright yellow dining room, fake stone surround pot belly stove.
Bright Coral downstairs basement with fireplace and three big windows
The downstairs was a converted garage into a basement with tile flooring. And painted a very bright coral color. I’m sad to tell you, it’s still that color 10 years later. But someday I have hopes!

It’s not hard to see that we took on a fixer-upper! None of this scared me, it’s just cosmetic and it can all be easily fixed! Or so I thought…

master bedroom with queen size bed and coffer ceiling
The “Master” bedroom. Are you starting to see the Wonderland?
Master Bathroom with 90s style cabinetry and linoleum flooring
Master Bathroom with builder grade cabinets and vinyl flooring.
second bedroom with hunter green walls and tan carpeting one single window and a closet with bifold doors
The second bedroom was the only one that had carpeting left. We chose to keep it because #kids. We figured it would get ruined if we replaced it anyway!
third bedroom with half painted pink walls and half a carpeted floor a single window with drapes
This is the third bedroom half painted Pepto Bismol pink and the other half a brown color. The carpeting was also halfway ripped out.

We purchased the house in 2012 and between then and now we have added three more children to the mix! And if anyone has renovated while living in the home, plus adding in children, you know it’s quite the challenge. And everything takes twice as long as you think it will.

We have done quite a few updates as you will see in future posts. And there are quite a few upgrades I’m still in the middle of, in the planning stages of, and dreaming of on my Pinterest boards.

This house deserves to find its groove again. Here’s a break down of things that need to be replaced or fixed:

  1. Flooring
  2. Paint in every room
  3. Plumbing and fixtures.
  4. Electrical outlets and fixtures.
  5. The entire kitchen.
  6. Both bathrooms.

Everything else is just for fun and based off of our personal tastes and wanting to make this home our own Wonderland.

I would love to welcome you to come along with us on this adventure! It’s always more fun when you have friends to get the work done right along side you.

Thanks for stopping by!

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