61 Trick-or-Treat Halloween Candy Signs: Free Printables

Get ready to spook up your Halloween night! Elevate the festive spirit with our free printable Trick-or-Treat candy signs. Perfect for front doors, porches, and candy bowls. Add a playful touch to your celebration without any extra cost. Let the Halloween fun begin!

"The candy has magically disappeared" with a witch harvest hat, Halloween candy sign.

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Halloween is one of my all-time favorite holidays. Therefore, every year I scurry to prepare bags of candy with the hope that I have done my math right and made enough to fill the stomachs of the entire neighborhood.

But imagine your front door adorned with one (or more!) of these fun signs, welcoming all the neighborhood kids to grab their share of treats! It’s all the more enjoyable to decorate when you have the option of one (or all) of these 61 free Halloween signs.

Whether you and love to add fun signs to your decor or you choose not to participate in the Halloween festivities, we have a sign for that! Enjoy these collections and get your free downloads at the end of this post!

“Trick-or-Treaters Welcome” Signs

From front porch delights to a fun and fully decorated candy table, let’s explore the magic of Halloween candy signs and elevate your festivities. Spruce up your Halloween decor with these inviting and fun Halloween printables.

Welcome Trick-or-Treaters with an old lantern, pumpkin, and witches hat. Halloween Sign.


Welcome, Trick-or-Treaters: Spooky Harvest

This somewhat simple sign still has a lot of fun seasonal charm with a splash or the old-fashioned with a classic oil lantern.

Welcome, Trick or Treaters with a Jack-O-Lantern, Halloween Sign.


Welcome, Trick or Treaters: Jack-O-Lantern

This funny Jack-o-Lantern with a dapper hat looks like just the perfect character to guard your candy bowl!

Welcome my pretties, trick or treat Halloween sign.


Welcome, My Pretties!

This beautiful vibrant purple hat will look gorgeous displayed in a picture frame above your Halloween candy bowl!

Come Get Candy! Bright teal sign with a bright teal witch's hat.


Come Get Candy! Magically Delicious!

This bright teal colored sign is so much fun. And as far as printable Halloween signs go, it’s pretty stylish!

“Gone to Trick-or-Treat” Signs

These playful printables add a whimsical touch to your Halloween setup, showcasing the fun spirit of the night. Let the signs speak for themselves as you join in the candy-filled adventure!

We Flew off to Trick-or-Treat with a bat.


We Flew Off to Trick-or-Treat

As a parent that faithfully walks around for hours with my own kids, I have often wished that I could sprout wings. This is also reminiscent of one of our favorite Animated Halloween movies to watch Hotel Transylvania.

We're Off to Trick-or-Treat with a broom!


We’re Off to Trick-or-Treat

Just a little bit of magic inferred, brooms would be far more fun and popular I think if they were also a form of transportation!

Gone to Trick or Treat Grab yourself a Sweet! with a spider web and black widow spider.


Gone to Trick-or-Treat Grab Yourself a Sweet: Spiders Web

This sign is so fun, put it in a fun frame or just tape it to your door right above your big bowl of candy for the easiest trick-or-treat experience in a long time!

Gone to Trick-or-Treat with a Jack-o-Lantern, books, and a candle burning.


Gone to Trick-or-Treat: Jack-o-Lantern

I’m a sucker for books and candles, but adding them feels like a really easy way to add a touch of that hocus-pocus (a touch of old charm & magic). This sign is perfect to let the trick-or-treat crowd that candy is not available!

We've Gone to Trick or Treat Grab Yourself a Sweet, Books and candles burning.


We’ve Gone to Trick-or-Treat, Grab Yourself a Sweet: Books & Candles

This is a great way to give out those fun Halloween favors all while not even being home! Just pop up a sign and have your bowl of candy ready for them. Presto!

“No Tricks, Just Treats!” Signs

These delightful printables promise a candy-filled delight for all who dare to knock. Get ready to spread smiles and satisfy those sweet cravings as you welcome visitors to a world of delectable treats.

No Tricks, Just Treats with a Jack-o-Lantern Candy bucket full.


No Tricks, Just Treats: Candy Bucket

A little sinister smile for a bucket filled with all the candy!

No tricks, Just treats with a cauldron full of apothecary bottles and a broom.


No Tricks, Just Treats: Cauldron & Apothecary Bottles

Imagine if the candy you gave out looked like that! HA! I’m not sure we’d have many takers.

“Please Take One” Signs

Please take Only One (or two if you dare!) a witch stuck in a candy cauldron.


Please Take Only One (Or two if you dare!): Candy Cauldron

This sign makes me laugh because it’s literally every kid’s dream is to literally fall into a vat of candy. Add a few giggles and let this sign “babysit” your candy bags at your door!

Trick or Treat, Take a Sweet (or two if you dare) a beautiful black witch's hat with flowers.


Trick or Treat, Take a Sweet (Or two if you dare!): Harvest Hat

A beautiful welcome to all the costume laden kiddies, this spooky harvest hat telling them they can take one (or two) treats!

Please take only one (or two if you dare!) Witch's hat with spider web.


Please Take Only One (or two if you dare!): Spidersweb Hat

Is there ever really enough candy? These signs are great at telling a child (and their parent or guardian) just how many pieces of candy are allowed.

Please, Take only one (or two if you dare!) Halloween sign with a witch's hat and a candle burning.


Please Take Only One (or two if you dare!): Hat Candle Burning

A simple sign like this is a great way to gently set a boundary of a single piece of candy, or two for the really brave!

Fill your Cauldron! Please Take only one! A green powdery cauldron smoking. Halloween trick or treat sign.


Fill Your Cauldron! Please Take Only One

Nothing quite as Halloween as a cauldron. Candy is definitely magic and this adds so much fun and whimsy to your Halloween decor.

“Out of Candy” Signs

As many bags of Halloween treats I pre-fill before the night, we usually end up running out! Which is sad as many of the older kids are out at that time of night. But a simple sign will help keep your door from getting knocked on every five minutes.

BOO! Candy is Out with candy corn colors of yellow and orange. Halloween Signs.


Boo! Candy is Out

Another fun candy corn-colored sign to let the kiddos know the sad truth that the candy is gone.

R.I.P Candy is Gone with a dark grey graveyard and a jackolantern. Halloween candy sign.


Boo! Candy is Out

I thought this concept was hilarious. It is such a sad moment when we realize that the candy is gone, it feels like a tragic loss. Especially for all those that show up later when the candy has all run dry!

Poof! The Candy is Gone! with a puff of smoke, a magic wand, and a magicians hat. Halloween Candy Signs.


Poof! The Candy is Gone!

Looking for charm and whimsy? Look no further! Now you see it, now you don’t! It’s hopefully a fun way to let the kids down when they come to get candy that is no longer there!

Boo! Candy is Gone! With orange and yellow candies for a Halloween candy sign.


Boo! Candy is Gone!

Just a simple sign with a simple sentiment. I personally would put it right up front and center before they even reach my door.

The Candy has Magically Disappeared with a magicians hat with a vine growing on it for a Halloween candy sign.


The Candy Has Magically Disappeared

This is my favorite sign and likely the one I’ll use if it comes to it! Because I’m all about magic and it really does feel like you have a basket full of treats and then suddenly you don’t!

“Trick or Treat” Signs

Trick or treat, smell my feet. Black boots and a jack-o-lantern Halloween candy sign.


Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet!

You can’t beat the old saying… “give me something good to eat”.

Trick or Treat with a broom, Halloween candy sign.


Trick or Treat: Broom Style

Sweet and simple and super fun! I think this Trick-or-Treat sign would look so fun in a wreath on your front door.

Trick or Treat with a brown witches hat and a tiny little pumpkin, Halloween candy signs.


Trick or Treat: Harvest Hat

Another simple and yet classy Halloween sign with a simple statement of welcome to the costume clad.

Trick or Treat with a wreath with skull candles, Jack O Lanterns, and a Crow. Halloween Candy Signs.


Trick or Treat: Halloween Wreath

Very “Poe” and if you know, you know. I’m a huge fan of classic literature so this sign definitely struck out to my Victorian-age macabre side. It is also very “tell-tale” of a Sleepy Hollow sign, if you’re into Halloween themes!

Trick or Treat with orange goo dripping and Jack-o-Lanterns a Halloween Candy Sign.


Trick or Treat: Jolly Jack-O-Lanterns

The fun smiling pumpkins strike again with this simple “trick-or-treat” sign.

Trick or Treat sign with Jack-o-Lanterns, Halloween candy sign.


Trick or Treat Sign: Jack-O-Lanterns

Another sign that speaks to me like Ichabod Crane and the headless horseman of Sleepy Hollow. Just the right amount of spook like a dark and scary woods!

“Gnome” Halloween Candy Signs

You can thank my 12 year old daughter for this collection of signs because Gnomes are her near and dearest at the moment! We had so much fun coming up with the puns and hope you enjoy them too!

Gnome-One is Home. We've gone to trick-or-treat! Halloween candy sign.


Gnome-One Is Home: We’ve Gone to Trick-or-Treat!

A classic play on words with an adorably Halloween clad Gnome. This is another that would look spectacular in the right wreath on your front door!

Gnome Tricks, All Treats! Gnome Halloween Candy Sign.


Gnome Tricks, All Treats!

Cutesy and super fun, a great choice to appeal to the younger audience. Which most trick or treaters are!

Gnome & Get it! Free Candy! Halloween Candy Sign with a Halloween Gnome.


Gnome & Get it Free Candy!

I would frame this and stick it on a small table in the front of your house with your little basket of Halloween treats ready for their buckets.

Gnome-body Leaves Empty-Handed! Halloween Candy signs with Gnomes.


Gnome-Body Leaves Empty-Handed!

My sentiments exactly! On Halloween night we all deserve a little treat, that includes the parents walking miles with their kids for the chance to pick the best treats.

Gnome More Tricks, Just Candy Treats! Gnome Halloween Candy signs.


Gnome More Tricks, Just Candy Treats!

This Gnome looks like it’s read to clear out the cobwebs and make sure every last snack is given out.

Gnome-One is Home We've gone to Trick-or-Treat, Halloween Gnome.


Gnome-One Is Home: We’ve Gone to Trick-or-Treat! 2

This is a real life drawing of me as a Gnome sitting after having walked all over with my kids and toting the wagon in case their feet get tired. So, it’s hilarious that it’s also a sign to let people know you’re trick-or-treating!

Not Participating in Halloween?

Not everyone participates in the Holiday and that’s certainly OK! Here are some friendly ways to communicate your non-participation while promoting a sense of unity and understanding during this festive season.

Signs for “No Candy”

Whether you’ve run out of candy or you just don’t want to participate, these “no candy” signs are sure to make it clear. They are also perfect for those who don’t appreciate the typical Halloween-style graphics.

Sorry, No candy! Halloween candy sign with a pumpkin on it.


Sorry, No Candy: Harvest Pumpkin

If you’re a fan of pumpkins, we’ve gourd you covered!

Sorry, No Candy with a jack-o-lantern candy bucket behind a "no" symbol. Halloween no candy signs.


Sorry, No Candy: Jack-o-Lantern Bucket

Maybe you just didn’t want to invest the money in candy this year, but still love Halloween? This sign is perfect just for that specific case.

Sorry! No Candy! colored with Candy corn colors, yellow and orange with spider webs.


Sorry, No Candy: spiderwebs

Though I’m not a big fan of candy corn myself, I thought the bright cheerful colors of orange and yellow would make a really cute sign! Also, it helps the words really stand out.

“No Trick-or-Treat” and “No Trick-or-Treaters” Signs

Different strokes for Halloween folks! Presenting ‘No Trick-or-Treat’ and ‘No Trick-or-Treaters’ Signs. These signs convey your preference while maintaining Halloween spirit. Choose your message, respect boundaries, and ensure a pleasant Halloween night for all.

Please No Trick-or-Treaters Halloween candy signs.


Please, No Trick-or-treaters

Typically spooky houses are a “no-go” for most neighborhood kids, so I thought this fun sign would make it clear that trick-or-treaters aren’t welcome to be had at your house!

No Trick or Treat with a spooky tree.


No Trick or Treat Tree

I love a good spooky tree myself, though they aren’t exclusive to Halloween. But still keeping with the spirit of Halloween it’s a fun way to just say “nope” and let them move on to the next house!

“No Halloween” & “Sorry We Don’t Do Halloween” Signs

Communicate with candor! These signs ensure a respectful Halloween night for everyone. Choose your message and let the spirit of unity prevail.

Sorry, we don't celebrate Halloween! with a "no" symbol. Halloween Signs.


Sorry, we don’t celebrate Halloween

Not everyone celebrates or participates in Halloween, so it’s a good idea to let people know before they knock on your door! This is a very simple sign, but I think it makes it clear.

Sorry, we don't celebrate Halloween sign with flowers.


Sorry, we don’t celebrate Halloween: floral

Not even an ounce of spook or Halloween to be seen and I think it’s lovely to celebrate the beauty of the fall season with this lovely floral sign.

Sorry, We Don't Do Halloween! An old truck filled with Sunflowers. Halloween door signs.


Sorry, we don’t do Halloween!

Fall is of course Harvest season and therefore I think of all the things bountiful, like sunflowers. Enjoy letting the kids know you aren’t participating with this lovely classic farmhouse-style sign.

Sorry, No Halloween! A large cart full of pumpkins Halloween sign.


Sorry, No Halloween: Wooden Cart

Another classic Harvest sign with a farmhouse vibe, I love the old-fashioned cart and of course everything pumpkin!

Sorry, No Halloween! Pumpkins in a harvest basket Halloween Sign!


Sorry, no Halloween: Harvest Basket

If you’re as big of a fan of the artistry and textures of baskets as I am, then this sign is just what you need! Proudly display it at your front door to let unwanted candy fiends know before they knock!

Double Sided “Candy” & “No Candy” Signs

Simple concept, but these double-sided sign Halloween candy signs get the message out clearly. Simply fold it in half and turn around when the candy runs dry!

Double sided Halloween Candy signs, Please take one and "Candy is out" with Jack-O-Lantern candy buckets and candy.


Double-Sided Option 1: “Candy Buckets”

Halloween treats are kind of the main theme (besides costumes) so it only makes sense to feature Halloween candy signs with actual candy!

Jack-o-Lantern's with witch hats, double sided Halloween Candy sign.


Double-Sided Option 2: “Jack-o-Lanterns”

These fun Jack-o-Lantern pumpkins with their little pilgrim hats (or witch hats, however, you choose to see it) kind of make me giggle.

Jack-o-Lanterns double sided Halloween Candy sign.


Double-Sided Option: 1 “Candy Buckets”

Cheerful and maybe a little crazy, these pumpkins are just the right amount of trick and-treat!

Black & White “Coloring” Halloween Signs

If you’ve been around me for a little bit you probably have figured out I’m a huge fan of black and white (for cheap printing) but also Vintage-style everything. These fun free printable Halloween candy signs give a little bit of that old-fashioned charm.

Feature them on a candy table or above a big bowl of candy on your front porch!


Black and White Vintage Style “Coloring Page” Candy Signs

This collection includes 15 simple Halloween candy signs that can stay black and white, or you can color them in yourself for a fun Halloween-themed craft! They make a great activity for classroom parties or really any kid’s Halloween party.

Personalize Your Halloween Candy Signs with Free Printable Treat Signs

Make your mark on Halloween! Unleash your creativity with free printable treat signs. Add your unique twist to candy distribution, infusing personality into every piece. These 61 fun signs turn candy sharing into an exciting experience that captures the spirit of your celebration.

“Vintage Style” B&W Halloween Candy Signs

Stepping back in time for Halloween fun! Dive into nostalgia with 15 vintage-style black-and-white candy signs. These classic designs bring a touch of old-world charm to your modern celebration. Get ready to enchant your guests with timeless elegance.

Black and white Jack-o-Lantern Halloween candy sign printable for coloring pages.

free printable b&w

Halloween Candy Signs

This printable is for personal use only. However, feel free to share this post with friends and family so they can have these amazing timeless illustrations, too! The download will come with all 15 charming illustrations. Print on 8 1/2″ x 11 “.

These digital downloads are free to my subscribers for personal use. The download link is inside the box above. Once you subscribe with your email address you get instant download access to not only this PDF file but all of the PDF files in my Subscriber Library.

46 Bright & Colorful Halloween Candy Signs

Embrace the vibrant spirit of Halloween! Discover a treasure trove of 46 bright and colorful candy signs that add a burst of excitement to your festivities. From eye-catching designs to playful hues, these signs are your ticket to a truly colorful and delightful candy experience.

We flew off to trick or treat, printable with a bat flying on it in a frame.

free printable colorful

Halloween Candy Signs

This printable is for personal use only. However, feel free to share this post with friends and family so they can have these amazing timeless illustrations, too! The download will come with all 46 charming illustrations. Print on 8 1/2″ x 11 “.

These digital downloads are free to my subscribers for personal use. The download link is inside the box above. Once you subscribe with your email address you get instant download access to not only this PDF file but all of the PDF files in my Subscriber Library.

How to use these free printable signs

Transform your Halloween night with our free printables! Easily print these treat signs on regular printer paper for quick decor. For best results and durability, opt for white cardstock. Simply hang them on your front door or frame them for a touch of elegance. Elevate your Halloween decor without any extra cost – the perfect addition to your spooky celebrations!

Other Fun Things to Pair with These Free Printable Signs

Level up your Halloween flair! Pair our free printable signs with delightful cupcake wrappers, candy-filled bags, and charming printable gift tags. Elevate Halloween parties with matching decor, create goody bag magic with themed favors, and add much fun to your celebrations.

Sweetening the Halloween Spirit with Fun Candy Signs

As the night approaches, remember that Halloween is all about fun and treats. With the help of free printables and creative concepts, you can transform your front porch, candy bowl, and overall decor into a memorable experience.

So, whether you’re sharing with neighbors, hosting a party, or simply delighting your own kids, these easy-to-use resources and imaginative ideas ensure a truly enchanting Halloween for all!

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