Christmas Trivia: Free Printable Questions & Answers

The Christmas holiday season is famous for delicious Christmas food and family traditions. Whether you’re gathering your entire family for family get-togethers or looking for holiday fun for your office party I’ve got you covered! Keep reading for all the best ways to have an enjoyable Christmas trivia game.

Christmas Trivia Questions Printable Cards Game

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Whenever I’m looking for ways to add a fun activity to any holiday season, fun games come to mind. Holidays are a busy season, so the best holiday game is also going to be a simple game. Bonus points if it’s easy on the wallet, so a free printable game checks all the boxes!

These Christmas facts could be great for trivia night with family or friends. Also, printable trivia games are a perfect addition to your next Christmas party!

What Are Good Christmas Trivia Questions?

The most fun Christmas trivia questions in my opinion are going to be a mix of challenging questions and easier ones. Because then you can have fun for the whole family. Another idea is you could do more targeted questions on different topics. But the best part about good Christmas trivia questions is they can be used to create multiple types of games like:

  • Kid-friendly Holiday Trivia
  • Adult Only Trivia Night
  • Christmas Movie Trivia Games
  • A Classic Game of Christmas Charades for adults or children

How to Play

These printable games are as simple as printing them out and cutting on the dotted line. But if you want to have a little bit more fun here are a few ideas of variations to use these Christmas trivia questions.

Christmas trivia free printables stacked up waiting to be cut into cards and game elements.

These printables are available as a free download in the Wonderland Subscriber Library. By simply entering your email address and subscribing you get full access. Please remember these are for personal use only.

Variations to Play Christmas Trivia

You can simply use the download link in the Wonderland Subscriber Library to get this free printable Christmas trivia game as an instant download. No need for an answer key or separate answer sheet, the question and answer are on the cards.

I print my cards out on 80 lb cardstock and cut them out using my guillotine paper cutter.

01 Christmas Trivia Board Game

Similar to the vintage snakes and ladders game this variation comes with a printable game sheet with are able to be cut up into game cards. It also includes a printable game spinner and game tokens. You will need a paper fastener to use the game spinner correctly. Or you could use a die instead. Also, printing them out on 80 lb. cardstock is always a good idea.

Christmas trivia board game options with cards, board game, and game piece free printables.
Christmas trivia game board, spinner, and pieces similar to vintage snakes and ladders with trivia question cards.
  1. Youngest goes first and spins the game spinner.
  2. An opponent reads a card out loud to them.
  3. If they then answer correctly they proceed to move for the number of spaces they spun.
  4. Whoever reaches the end of the game board wins.

02 Majority Wins

Everyone gets a piece of paper and a pen before you start.

Ask the question aloud to the whole room and everyone writes their answers down.

  • On the count of three everyone reveals their answers.
  • The majority with the right answer wins a point.
  • Repeat this process for all the questions.
  • The player with the most points wins.

03 Everyone Gets Answers

Going around in a circle and having everyone answer is the more traditional way to play Christmas Trivia.

It’s fun to have all the question cards and have each person take a turn picking from a bucket, basket, or bowl. They read the question out loud.

Then every other person will answer the question going around the room clockwise. It’s great to encourage chatting in between. We want discussion, laughter, and even a few rabbit trails!

04 Teams Challenge

In this version, you will split everyone into pairs. And in the end, it kind of becomes a compatibility game.

  • Ask each team a question and then count to three. Then each opponent will say their answers out loud.
  • Correct answers earn 1 point.
  • Keep asking questions if both their answers are correct.
  • When either of the team’s answers isn’t correct you’ll move on to the next team.
  • You can also pick who answers the question out of the team.
  • The team with the most points wins!

05 Single Person Answers

A great option to keep the conversation going is to ask Christmas Trivia questions at the diner table.

  • Ask one person at a time.
  • Either randomly or clockwise around the table.
  • Once a person answers correctly, they pick a card to read. It’s their turn until another person gets a correct answer.

If no one can answer correctly, move on to the next card.

Christmas Trivia Questions and Answers

I love free printable Christmas games at Christmas time. They’re great for family, friend, or even an office holiday party as an ice breaker. And because they’re so much fun they ensure it won’t be an awkward silent night!

Also, Christmas time is already so full that free printables make a perfect game for an easy last-minute choice. And did I mention they’re also a free game?

Printable Trivia Game for Kids

Many of these Christmas trivia game printables have been tested and kid approved by my own family! I had so much fun creating the questions and trying to stump their knowledge. But they were all pretty great at getting all the Christmas trivia answers correct.

Kids' edition of christmas trivia with a board game option.
Christmas trivia cards cut out.
  1. What is the night before Christmas called? Christmas Eve
  2. Where Does St. Nicholas or Santa Claus live? The North Pole
  3. Who’s Birthday do we Celebrate on Christmas? The baby Jesus
  4. What is it called when you go singing Christmas songs? Caroling
  5. What date is Christmas day? December 25th
  6. What do you put on top of a Christmas tree? Angel or Star
  7. What do you get presents in on Christmas that typically go on your feet? Stockings
  8. What are two other names we call Santa Claus? Saint Nick/Saint Nicholas or Kris Kringle
  9. What creature wasn’t stirring in the poem “Twas Night Before Christmas”? A Mouse
  10. What popular Christmas song was actually written for Thanksgiving? Jingle Bells

Christmas Tree Trivia

These are some lesser-known facts about Christmas trees that would be really fun for Christmas parties, especially if you pair them with a small prize for correct answers!

Christmas tree trivia cards and free printable board game elements.
You can add in the board game elements, or totally leave them out for an easy table conversation starter!
  1. What are Christmas trees also sometimes referred to? The Yule Tree
  2. What decoration normally goes on top of a Christmas Tree? A Star or an Angel
  3. What popular igniting decoration was common on Christmas Trees in the Victorian age? Candles
  4. Which European country started the Christmas tree tradition? Germany
  5. Tannenbaum does not mean Christmas tree, but it does mean what? Fir Tree
  6. When did Christmas trees become popular in the United States? In 1870 right before the Civil War
  7. How many Christmas Trees are sold every year in the United States? 25-30 million
  8. Which Queen of England popularized the Christmas Tree in England? Queen Victoria
  9. Who was the first United States President to preside over a National Christmas Tree Lighting? Calvin Coolidge
  10. How tall was the tallest Rockafeller tree to date? 100 feet tall

Christmas Movies Trivia

Christmas movies have to be some of my absolute favorite movies to watch all year long. We pull out all the best ones on the first of December and do somewhat of a movie advent. So a good holiday movie trivia is sure to be a big hit no matter if you’ve got a small group or a huge family event!

Home Alone christmas trivia cards with a free printable game board option.
The Grinch Christmas trivia question cards cut out with a snakes and ladders free printable board game.

Home Alone Christmas Trivia Questions and Answers

  1. In the movie Home Alone what were the two bad guys’ names? Marv and Harry.
  2. Where were the McCallisters going for Christmas in the first Home Alone? Paris, France.
  3. What Christmas tree ornament did Kevin choose from the toy store in Home Alone 2? Two Turtle Doves.
  4. Who said the famous line, “Harry, I’ve reached the top!”? Marv.
  5. What were Marv and Harry’s two bandit names? The Wet Bandits and the Sticky Bandits.
  6. What type of arachnid did Marv try to smack off of Harry? A Tarantula.
  7. Finish this sentence, “You guys give up? Or are you _______ ___ ____?” Thirsty for More.
  8. What hit Marv and Harry while they were coming up the stairs? Swinging paint cans.
  9. Who stepped on glass ornaments, got a staple in the nose, and stepped on a nail? Marv.
  10. Which bad guy ended up looking like a chicken? Harry.

The Grinch Trivia Questions and Answers

  1. In this classic version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the Grinch was described with what three words? Stink, Stank, Stunk.
  2. In the version played by actor Jim Carrey, the Grinch rifles through the trash and eats what rotten fruit? A Banana.
  3. In the 2018 cartoon movie The Grinch, what animal frightened all the reindeer off with its scream? A goat.
  4. In the live-action version, the Grinch wore what outfit to be the Christmas Cheermeister? Lederhosen.
  5. In the classic cartoon version of the Grinch, the song says “I wouldn’t touch you with” how long of a pole? A 39.5-foot pole.
  6. In the classic cartoon version, the Grinch uses what excuse to steal Cindy-Lou’s Christmas tree? A light that wouldn’t light on one side.
  7. In the live-action film starring Jim Carrey, he came to Who-ville as a baby in a what? Floating down from the sky in a basket.
  8. Why did the Grinch hate Christmas? His heart was two sizes too small.
  9. In the recent cartoon version of the Grinch, what instrument did Max play? The drums.
  10. The Grinch expected to hear crying after he had stolen Christmas from Who-ville, but instead heard what? Singing

Christmas Movie Trivia Questions and Answers

Christmas movie trivia free printable cards and board game elements to add as an option.
  1. In what movie does a boy find himself riding a train to the North Pole? The Polar Express
  2. In what movie does a boy ask for a Red Rider gun repeatedly? The Christmas Story
  3. In what movie does Buddy the Elf travel from the North Pole to New York to find his Father? Elf
  4. In what movie series do parents keep misplacing their youngest child? Home Alone
  5. In what movie does a man wish he was never born and then is shown the effect that would have on everyone’s life? It’s a Wonderful Life
  6. In ‘It’s a Wonderful Life‘ what happens every time a bell rings? An angel gets its wings.
  7. In ‘A Christmas Carol‘ what was Scrooge’s partner’s name? Jacob Marley.
  8. What was Ralfie’s brother’s name in The Christmas Story? Randy.
  9. What was the main villain’s name in The Nightmare Before Christmas? Oogie Boogie
  10. What is the name of the second ghost in the movie A Christmas Carol? The Ghost of Christmas Present

Christmas Songs Trivia: Questions & Answers

A really great way to play a trivia game is to play “fill in the blank”. So for this version of Christmas trivia, let’s see if you all can finish these popular and famous Christmas carols and songs!

Christmas song trivia cards with free printable board game elements.
Christmas Carols board game with trivia printable cards.

Finish these Christmas Song Lyrics

  1. I’ll have a ____ _________ without you. Blue Christmas
  2. On the __ ____ __ _________ my true love gave to me. 12 Days of Christmas
  3. Oh, what fun it is to ride on a ___ _____ ___ ______, hey! One Horse Open Sleigh
  4. ____ __ _ ______ no crib for a bed. Away in a Manger
  5. And since we’ve no place to go ___ __ ____, ___ __ ____, ___ __ ____! Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow
  6. Was to certain poor shepherds in fields __ ____ ___. As they lay
  7. Glories stream from Heaven afar, ________ _____ sing Alleluia! Heavenly Hosts
  8. He’s making a list he’s ________ __ _____. Checking it twice
  9. The child that you delivered will soon _______ ___. Deliver you
  10. ______ _____, ______ _____, Jingle all the way! Jingle bells, jingle bells

What Classic Christmas Song Does This Line Go To?

  1. Later we’ll have some pumpkin pie and we’ll do some caroling. Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree
  2. Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow. The Christmas Song
  3. Please have snow and mistletoe and presents under the tree. I’ll Be Home For Christmas
  4. Children laughing, people passing, meeting smile after smile. Silver Bells
  5. Then one foggy Christmas Eve. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
  6. The cattle are lowing, the poor baby wakes. Away in the Manger
  7. Then he smiled at me. Little Drummer Boy
  8. A pair of Hopalong boots and a pistol that shoots. It’s Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas
  9. Once again, as in olden days, Happy golden days of yore. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  10. Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree. Blue Christmas

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    1. Oh, how fun! They were a lot of fun to make, I hadn’t realized how much I’d get into thinking up questions to try to stump people. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  3. I like to play Christmas games with the kids the week of Christmas…guess the Christmas song, mad libs, etc. This looks like it would be a perfect fit to add to our repertoire. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Games have always been a key Christmas eve thing to do as a family. We’ll have to discuss making these part of it as we usually end up doing games unrelated to the season

    1. Yes, absolutely! We are huge game enthusiasts on Christmas Eve as well. We are definitely adding these to the list this year! Merry Christmas!

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