Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

If you’re looking for a new family tradition this holiday season, look no further. This Christmas light scavenger hunt is a fun idea for a spectacularly fun activity with the whole family.

8 christmas light scavenger hunt free colorful printables.

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A Great Family Activity: Drive-Thru Bright and Beautiful Christmas Decorations

Driving through the different light displays is one of our favorite holiday traditions. We’re always on the hunt for the best Christmas lights to add that nostalgia and magic to our Christmas season.

In fact, I’m fairly certain my younger kids and older kids both love holiday decorations equally. Our own neighborhood is light on the beautiful light displays, but there are lots of other different ways to get our fix in!

Make Your Own Christmas Yearly Tradition

The most common way to see outdoor Christmas decorations are found by driving around to different neighborhoods. Because let’s be honest, there are some pretty next level beautiful light displays put together that are also a free Christmas activity! Which makes them at the top of the list of literally the best family traditions.

Older kids free printable Christmas light scavenger hunt with bright colorful pictures.

However, another great way to make this a fun Christmas tradition with your entire family is to turn it into a Christmas light scavenger hunt game! That plus a few other tricks I have up my sleeve will make this year the absolute best.

Family-Friendly Tips for Holiday Light Fun

Regardless of if you’re hoping to make this a free activity here are a few quick tips to ensure it’s an enjoyable activity!

  • Ask around locally for the best neighborhoods. There are some private neighborhoods that go all out with their light displays and welcome visitors during the holiday season.
  • Check local shopping centers and malls for extravagant displays. Some stores like Bass Pro in our area really go the extra mile this time of year.
  • Make the Christmas Lights a part of the night’s journey. But it doesn’t have to be the whole journey at the end of the night. We like to go see the lights on our way somewhere else.
  • Do you have membership passes to a local theme park? Check for special activities planned for the Christmas season. Our local theme park Silver Dollar City has one of the best Christmas light displays around.
  • Start the day with a Christmas Parade. Does your local town have a Christmas parade? Just keep the fun going!
  • If you’re on a time limit plan your trip well. We’re a spur-of-the-moment type of family, but if we had a schedule to keep I would definitely employ some strategy to make sure it’s fun and we fit everything in.
  • Plan for Potty Breaks. If you’re taking your small children just go ahead and put it on the schedule!
Free printable Christmas Light Scavenger hunts for small kids with bright pictures.

Make sure to check out the free Christmas lights scavenger hunt pdf file below!

6 Ways to Take Your Scavenger Hunt to the Next Level

I’ve got a few awesome ideas to help you gain a few extra points with your young kids this year and elevate the night.

  1. Bring Warm Drinks like hot cocoa (don’t forget the marshmallows for the hot chocolate), apple cider, or spiced cider.
  2. Snacks Welcome. Great ideas like Christmas cookies, holiday popcorn, or other favorite seasonal snacks are a fun way to make the evening extra sweet.
  3. Warm Blankets + Pillows. Having a car snuggle party while you drive through the lights is not only cosie but just a fun idea.
  4. Play Your Favorite Holiday Music and have a great family activity by singing your favorite seasonal songs, and carols, or listening to an audio of the story of the Nativity.
  5. Add a Free Activity. The Christmas Scavenger Light Hunt is just the start of the Christmas party. After the hunt add in another adventure like Bass Pro shops free Santa’s Village, a Christmas petting zoo, or another fun activity.
  6. Free Printables. Christmas printables are always a yes. Don’t forget the free printable Christmas lights Scavenger Hunt and Bingo Cards to add to the fun of your evening.

These are just a few of my favorite things, what are some of yours? Let me know in the comments!

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt List

I have a list of things that makes the Christmas holiday season my favorite time of year. The spirit of Christmas, the Christmas music, lighting candles, wrapping presents, and all the fun activities you can do with friends and family members.

Although scavenger hunts make for really great Christmas Eve Traditions, you can do them all throughout December. Have a really fun family night and head out to see the beautiful lights.

Variations + Rules

Scavenger hunts are a great activity to make memories. Add in a little competition and a small prize for the winner and you have a fun game for young children and old alike! Also, every game needs at least a few rules.

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt – Pick a Character

There are so many different decorations, but some of my personal favorite things to look for are Christmas trees, bells, wreaths, a Nativity scene, or favorite characters like the Grinch or even Mickey mouse!

It would be really fun to have each person pick a character, track them throughout the night, and keep a tally. Whoever’s character shows up the most wins!

The Simple Way is Sometimes the Best Way

Print out the free printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt list and let the games begin! I designed really simpler ones for young children with big pictures to help, a little bit harder ones for older kids, and long lists for adults.

Who will find all their items first?

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Bingo Game Cards

Here are some great ideas for ways to have a merry Christmas with a fun holiday scavenger hunt with a twist and fun of board games! Bingo is a fun and simple game for adults and children to play. The first person to hit a Bingo wins!

5 Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Bingo Game Cards free printable.

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Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Bingo Cards

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Since scavenger hunts are such a fun holiday activity here are some ideas for different scavenger hunts you can do with your family. I would love to hear your ideas in the comment section as well!


Grab this free printable Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt Game designed for young and old alike and whoever finds all the things on their list wins the game!

There are many different types of Scavenger Hunts for Christmas time. One of our favorite family traditions is actually a photo Christmas Eve Scavenger hunt where I hide my kids’ stockings and they follow the clues to them.

Gather up the family, some drinks and snacks, and get in the car to do a Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt and find all the items on the free printable Christmas Light list!

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    1. Yes! I agree 100%. My kids are really looking forward to using these. In fact, we were out the other night and because we didn’t bring them they said we definitely couldn’t do the lights without them. lol

  1. Gawking at the lights is the best tradition around but it’s so hard to keep my little ones’ attention and interest. This will definitely be given a try!

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