40+ Christmas Goodie Bag Ideas for Kids

What better way is there to celebrate the Christmas season than a fun Christmas party with the whole family? Of course, that means fun games, laughter, and putting together a little gift for the kiddies. Here are 40+ Christmas goodie bag ideas to help you put together a spectacular loot bag for kids of all ages!

Favorite Christmas goody bag ideas for kids are cute fabric baggies filled with a few good pieces of candy.

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Christmas party favors are pretty much my favorite things to shop for. The challenge of finding cute ideas that are both budget-friendly and not junk is actually a fantastic way to spend a day.

Naturally, being a lover of thrifting and flea markets, I also try to find vintage, antique, or unique Christmas toys for my own kids. But the majority of the time it’s a long quest because it can be hard. It’s the little things that count!

DIY Gift Bags, Not Just Christmas gift bags

These little Christmas toys, activities, and treats are a great way to fill stockings for Christmas day or party favors for kids’ birthday parties in a cost-effective way.

In fact, party bags are a great option for multiple occasions any time of year, and not just the holiday season. Though goody bags are fun ideas for holiday gifts, here are a few other unique ways to use these 40 Christmas goody bag ideas.

  • Toddler Christmas Gifts. Of course, use your best judgment on age appropriateness for each idea on this list.
  • Gift Basket Ideas. Use these ideas to make perfect gift baskets as a “family gift” for friends with children.
  • Stocking Stuffers. A holiday goody bag is a fun way to fill a stocking!
  • Holiday Goodie Bag. For literally any holiday.
  • A Kids Birthday Party Gift. I like to get a few small things that work together rather than one large gift. Especially if it’s consumable.
  • Goody Bags for Birthday Party Guests. Wrap them in a gift box, with gift wrap, or in a gift bag.
  • Christmas Tree Ornaments. As a cute nod to the Nutcracker theme use wrapping paper to wrap a small individual gift and put it on a tree as an alternative to holiday goodie bags. And personalize the gift with a cute Christmas tag.

Treat Bags for a Party Theme

I am a huge fan of party themes. They are just another way to organize everything and make it run efficiently and also feel cohesive. In other words, they help my brain avoid chaos.

You can have so much fun creating a theme for Christmas party favors, here are a few fun ideas I came up with.

  • Grinchmas. How the Grinch Stole Christmas Party Theme.
  • Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. A little bit of Victorian macabre, not just for Halloween. I’d be tempted to look up treats from the victorian age, clockwork toys, chocolates, paper dolls, etc.
  • Elf. Santa’s Village kind of Elf, or the movie Elf where you serve spaghetti, maple syrup, and candy treats. I would be tempted to put bubble gum (not pre-chewed) and snowball treats in the bags.
  • Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt. Fill your Christmas goodie bags with free printables like a Scavenger hunt or bingo game card, hot cocoa mix packet, disposable cup, mini candy canes, etc.
  • The Nutcracker. Another Victorian age beloved story theme. And as an alternative to party bag ideas, I would do a more personalized single-wrapped gift on or under a tree. This theme would also be absolutely perfect for a handmade gift bag and gift.

40+ Christmas Goodie Bag Ideas: A Holiday Gift Guide

A huge amount of my brain space is taken up on brainstorming gift ideas for my kids and family members. I mean, it’s the most fun part of the season for me because I genuinely love gift-giving.

Christmas gift bags with Santa Claus, Truffles, fabric bags filled with Godiva and Ferrer Rocher chocolates. Chapstick and Gum.
My favorite gift bag ideas for kids will always be a few choice pieces of candy and consumable items like gum and chapstick.

Share the Spirit of Christmas with Your Kids

Therefore, I love including my kids in the process of picking out fun gifts for their siblings and even gifts for any other family member. But it can be harder to explain to little children, so I typically lean more on my older children.

So, I will take this opportunity to tell you this is a list of 35 Christmas good bag ideas that I would personally purchase myself for my own kids. That’s how much I love them.

Play-Doh, Cloud Dough,

A literal family favorite, we can’t have too much play-doh in this house. For the last 13 years, we have probably had gallons of it. We love to use their tools and even small pretend kitchen toys or cookie cutters. A few favorites recently have been their glitter versions and now they even have scented play-doh. Don’t forget a silicone mat to keep it from sticking to your surfaces!

Scented Cloud Dough
Air Dough
Kinetic Sand

Craft Supplies

There is possibly no better gift to give a child is the opportunity to be creative. Any way I can keep my kids off of video games is a good option. These supplies can be found at any craft store, big box store, or even Dollar store. A few personal favorites for a good craft project are:

1. Hot Glue Gun + Glue Sticks
2. Fun Decorative Items Pom Poms, Craft Sticks, Ribbon, Washi Tape, Pipe Cleaners,
3. Googly Eyes, Christmas Stickers
4. Glue Glitter Glue, Elmer’s Glue (for making slime
5. X-Acto Knife
6. Sculpey Clay

If you’re looking for a larger gift you could definitely just purchase a conglomerate of craft supplies like a tackle box craft kit.

Art Supplies

Another similar type of party bag filler is literally anything art related. This is one category that is definitely a favorite of mine to fill my kids’ stockings as well. And if I have to gift another kid something, it’s pretty much the first thing I reach for.

7. Travel Art Supplies Travel Art Easel obviously a larger gift, but a great smaller version could be, Post Card Watercolor Cards + Foldable Paint Set with Brushes
8. Drawing Supplies Color Pencils, Markers, Sketch Pencils, Drawing Book
9. Mess Free Art LCD Drawing Tablet, Magnetic Drawing Boards

Small Gifts for Green Thumbs

Another fun favorite of these Christmas goodie bag ideas is anything that supports kids in the dirt. Gardening was an absolute curiosity and favorite pastime for me as a child and I very often had my own garden going. I encourage my kids in any way I can to do the same.

10. Seed Packets You can purchase vegetable packets, but my favorite to grow was always flowers.
11. Gardening Tools Garden Gloves, Hand Trowel, Watering Can (which coincidentally would be a really cute gift bag option).
12. Garden Pets. Wooden Birdhouse A fun gardening accessory, we love to feed local backyard birds. Bug House or Butterfly Net.


Aside from actual reading books which are always good news when you open a gift, there are so many other great book options to gift that are simple, engaging, and inexpensive.

13. Activity Books Mini Notebooks, Snowman Party Favor, Scratch Art Notebooks
14. A Coloring Book Christmas Coloring Books, Coloring Book Favors, Mini Coloring Books
15. How to Draw or other skill books, Scissor Skills Book,
16. Blank Books Journals, Diaries, Planners, Sketch Pads
17. Puzzle Books Sudoku, Word Search, Word Scramble

Candy and Other Snacks

Aside from Christmas candy, pretty much any goody will do including handmade treats like cookies, caramels, and candies. Just remember to take into consideration any food allergies ahead of time.

18. Kinder Eggs
19. Christmas Lollipops
20. Cotton Candy, Individual bags
21. Hot Chocolate Pops
22. Christmas Pez Candy

Small Toys

This list would not be complete without some small toys. Really there are about a billion options for small toys I could put on this list of Christmas goodie bag ideas. My hope is to only include items I know my kids will love and not something obnoxious.

23. Christmas Squishies
24. Temporary Tattoo
25. Balls. Beach Ball, Bouncy Ball
26. Plush Toys
27. Holiday Stamps, Pens, Erasers + Pencil Toppers,
28. Rubber Duckies
29. Paddle Ball Game
30. Pop Its
31. Wind Up Toys
32. Christmas Slap Bracelets
33. Kaleidescope

Outdoor Fun and Toys

If the weather is good when we’re having a party I am always trying to direct the kids outside. So having a goody bag with some great outdoor toy options can really be handy. It keeps the kids having fun and occupied for at least a couple of hours!

34. Bubbles
35. Paper Airplane
36. Slingshot
37. Flying Copters
38. Punch Balloons
39. Finger Rockets
40. Build a Snowman Kit

Christmas Activities to do as a Family

Christmas parties are great fun, but there are so many other charming and fun activities you can do with friends and family. Make as many great memories as you can! That’s what builds the beautiful holiday season quilt of family traditions.

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope you have a beautiful holiday season with your friends and family and many blessings in the New Year.



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