Christmas Countdown Free Printable

When you’re a child Christmas morning can’t possibly come fast enough. Feeling the magic of Christmas the whole month of December is a countdown in itself. But let’s have a little bit more fun with it this year with a Christmas countdown advent calendar (or two, or three!).

Christmas countdown free printables with bright and colorful christmas pictures, plus a blank black and white coloring page version.

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As a child, the concept of time can be a challenge, especially if you’re young enough to still be learning to countdown numbers. A fun and simple way to learn a difficult concept in the Christmas season (or any special holiday) is to play! Fun Christmas-related activities bring the cheer and excitement to the max for the whole family.

Fun Learning with Printable Activities

It’s no secret that Christmas is extra magical when you have young kids and I like to foster that. But it would be a wasted opportunity if I didn’t lean into creating favorite Christmas traditions while they’re little. In our house we love Christmas crafts, baking Christmas cookies, and enjoying fun advent.

Old-fashioned Santa Claus advent with a countdown in his beard.
Christmas tree advent with printable ornaments to decorate for each day leading up to Christmas.

Besides having a bit of Christmas fun, there are so many great reasons fun stuff like a DIY Christmas countdown is a perfect way to help your children learn.

  • Learning Numbers
  • Counting Down from December 1st to December 25th
  • Motor Skills Cutting and Pasting
  • The Concept of Time Hours in a Day, Number of Days in the Month of December, etc.

Getting in the Holiday Spirit with Christmas Family Traditions

The holiday season is all about spending quality time with each family member. I’m constantly striving each year to keep the Christmas fun exciting in a creative way.

It can feel like a challenge to cater to each individual while maintaining the whole family’s attention. Some of our favorite Christmas activities can be simple and others are definitely outside the box.

Dear Santa letter templates old-fashioned style free printable with red and white stripes.
Fully decorated printable christmas tree advent with ornaments for each day leading up to Christmas.
Christmas Countdown free printables with a coloring page.

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  • Baking and Decorating Christmas Cookies
  • Christmas Eve Scavenger Hunt (for the stockings)
  • Christmas Morning Breakfast (Cinnamon Rolls and Sparkling Apple Cider)
  • Watch Christmas Movies Elf, Home Alone, The Grinch (any of the 3), etc.
  • Read a Christmas Book We actually have a whole stack of fun ones to choose from.
  • Decorate with Holiday Decor Create our own Christmas Decor
  • Handmade Crafts Handmade ornaments and Christmas gifts for the entire family

Fun Christmas Countdown Options

If you’re in need of an easy tradition to start with your family these free printables are such a great way to get a start on a very Merry Christmas.

Note: My recommendation is to use regular printer paper cautiously. I prefer the use of 80 lb. card stock because of the additional strength it has when up against little hands, scissors, and glue.

01 Printable Countdown Calendar – Cut and Paste

There’s probably no better way to get a few Christmas fun activities with kids than this adorable countdown calendar. The best part is they get to use their little baby scissors, concentrate, and use a glue stick. Pretty much the favorite activities of both my 5 and 3-year-old daughters.

Christmas Countdown Cut Out and paste to a blank sheet.

This printable Christmas calendar is a very simple concept, just cut the pieces out and every day they can glue one onto the blank printable advent calendar. This set also includes a coloring page version that they can color in every day until Christmas Eve.

02 Adorable Countdown Calendar – Santa’s Beard

Naturally, when I created this I was wanting the old-fashioned Santa face, but my 5-year-old said he looked too girly. So I had to give her some other options! This is such a ridiculously cute activity to do with just a few supplies you can likely find at any Dollar Store.

Santa Christmas Countdown, Santa's faces with December 1-24th on the beard. Free Printables.

These printables are available as a free download in the Wonderland Subscriber Library. By simply entering your email address and subscribing you get full access. Please remember these are for personal use only.

I also happily created a coloring page version so they can truly create their own masterpiece from start to finish.

Optional Craft Supplies

03 Christmas Tree Countdown + Ornaments

At first, this started out as just a pretty watercolor Christmas tree countdown, but then I thought what a lovely thing it would be if you could decorate it as you counted down! So, I added a sheet of pretty decorations you can cut out and use a bit of double-sided tape to adhere them to the tree.

Christmas tree Christmas countdown printable with a beautiful watercolor tree and printable watercolor ornaments.

Free Christmas Countdown Printable: Traditions Counting Down to Christmas Day

I hope these lovely free printable Christmas Countdown Calendar options bring fun and joy to your holiday season, but before you go I have one more fun way to create a little magic.

Letter to Santa Printable Template

We don’t really do Santa Claus in our home, never have, but we still like to pretend. Our version is usually a Christmas wish list type of thing for friends and family members to use to get great ideas of presents to gift if they choose. It’s just a really fun way to keep the old-fashioned tradition alive!

Letter to Santa templates bright and colorful christmas designs free printables.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you and your family are blessed this Christmas season and into the New Year.



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    1. Thank you so much! They were such fun to make, I’ve also always loved advent calendars. They help curb the uncontrollable excitement waiting for Christmas day to come! lol

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