85 Best Consumable Gifts for Christmas

The best gifts you can give a family member or loved one this holiday season are consumable items. I’m always trying to go out of my way to be thoughtful, but also to think of something useful. So, if you’re looking for the perfect gift here is a list of 85 best consumable gifts for Christmas.

Plaid gift bag with christmas tree paper, truffles, Godiva chocolate, Ferrer Chocolates, in cute fabric baggies.

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Why Should You Choose Consumable Christmas Gifts?

Some of my favorite things to get as a gift recipient are things a lot of people might immediately think are boring. But in fact, practical and useful things are a wonderful way to show those you love you care about their needs, too.

They’re also great items to gift to people you don’t know very intimately.

For loved ones and family friends, people you’re more comfortable and knowledgable about, you can have a lot of fun.

I’m pretty observant, so my personal favorite approach when purchasing consumable gifts is to try to think up unique ideas. But always some that makes their life better.

Consumable Christmas Gifts Make a Great Last-Minute Gift Idea

This is a good example of a time when a great consumable gift idea comes in handy. There’s always one person you forget or a last-minute invite. Suddenly you’re in a rush to think of a great gift.

It isn’t only that you want a person to enjoy their present, traditional gift giving often leads to waste. I can’t tell you how many times I myself received a ton of stuff that was not useful to me. I can donate it, but I know the purchaser wanted me to be able to enjoy the gift.

You are almost guaranteed you’ll buy a great gift with one of these gift ideas. And that’s really what we all hope for at Christmas time.

What is Considered a Consumable Gift?

So, consumable gifts sound like a great option. But what is a consumable gift?

Capable of being consumed.

Something (such as food or fuel) that is Consumable.

They can be physical gifts like toilet paper, craft supplies, or a gift basket. Or an experience they can enjoy like tickets to a concert or a night at the movie theater.

The best consumable gift ideas, in my opinion, are luxurious items like a new trendy lip balm or a day at the spa. Especially if you’re purchasing for someone that doesn’t typically treat themselves to luxuries!

However, they are great for other special occasions like mother’s day, father’s day, and birthdays. They can be:

  • Inexpensive
  • Create DIY or Handmade
  • Good for the Environment
  • Low Waste
  • Perfect Minimalist Gifts
  • Good for The hard to buy for
Consumable christmas gifts for kids and adults, fabric satchels filled with chocolates.
The fabric bags were purchased in the Target dollar section and the chocolates were from Dollar Tree.

What is a Thoughtful Gift for Someone Who Has Everything?

I actually have several people like this in my family, so I know the conundrum you’re dealing with. This is when being observant kind of comes in handy. The best type of gifts to give someone who has everything is food gifts like their favorite bottle of wine, a fancy hot sauce, or artisan olive oil.

List of Consumable Gift Ideas for the Women in Your Life

There are women of all types and obviously, you know the women in your life best. However, most of the women in my life would be happy to open a gift including any of these things on Christmas morning.

  • Beauty Products a face mask, sugar scrub, body butter, bubble bath, some Bath Bombs, Essential Oils, Beauty Subscription Boxes, etc.
  • Experiences Movie Tickets, a Manicure or Pedicure, a lunch date, or taking her out for coffee

Christmas Gift Ideas for the More Minimalist Lifestyle

The best types of gifts to give to the aspiring minimalist or environmentally friendly friend or family member are clutter-free gifts.

I consider myself fairly earth-friendly when I purchase for myself and others and some of the things I have invested in and would recommend are:

  • Charcoal Water Filter for clean water
  • Seasonal Passes to their favorite Theme Park, Zoo, Science Center
  • Memberships Local Library, Gym, YMCA, Museums, Swimming Pool, Aquariums
  • Gift Cards or Gift Certificates. Cash is a great option that can be used anywhere
  • Subscriptions Streaming Services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Discover+, Peacock TV, Paramount+, Audible, Amazon Music, Kindle Books
  • Tickets to Events Concerts, Sports Games, and Flea Markets
  • Experiences Golf Course Pass, Bowling Alley, Indoor Rock Climbing
  • Practical Items Battery Stockpile, Laundry Sheets, Toilet Paper, Cleaning Supplies

Consumable Gifts for Christmas Supporting Local Businesses

The perfect consumable gift and another good option would be to support small businesses and give a gift card to a local coffee shop, a local grocery store, or an ice cream shop.

Honestly, at this point in the economy, I would be extremely happy if I unwrapped some local free-roam chicken eggs for Christmas! Here are a few other unique gifts you could give to support a local business.

These are my favorite ideas from businesses we have locally where I live.

  • Local Farmer meat, a garden subscription box, fresh milk/cream, eggs, baked goods, etc.
  • Local Products goat’s milk hand soap, hand-crocheted dish scrubby, Ice Cream, Gourmet Baked Goods (donuts), etc.
  • Local Experiences

Unique Gifts that are Consumable

A Handwritten Note. There is something incredibly special and meaningful when you get a handwritten letter these days. It’s quickly becoming a lost art in today’s techy world. But it’s those little things that are a rock-solid good gift.

Leather-bound Journal. This is my favorite gift to give my Mom who fills out diaries every year like clockwork. She loves horses and the smell of leather reminds her of them. But if you’re needing a vegan-friendly great alternative is a recycled paper journal. The best journals can also lay flat on a table.

Fountain Pen. I recently purchased this beautiful fountain pen for our Thanksgiving Gratitude Journal (which is coincidentally a leatherbound journal). There is something magical about a pen that is a little bit old-fashioned. And spectacularly fancy.

Eco-Friendly Products. Personally, I don’t buy anything with harsh chemicals anymore and I love to gift people things that are healthy to use. I also have a hard time resisting eco-friendly seasonal items like soap, candles, cleaners, etc.

Audiobooks. My kids listen to audiobooks on repeat all night long. I love reading to them, but I’m not always available. Audiobooks are digital products so they can travel with you in the car as well! You could purchase a gift card with credits or get an audible subscription.

Luxurious Gift Guide

These are great types of gifts if you have a bigger budget or you’re looking for a family gift or even a special gift for your significant other. The beautiful thing about luxury items is typically these are not items you get on a daily basis, they’re special.

Golf Afternoon Tee. Go to a nice golf club, do a full 18 holes, and splurge on the box of good golf balls. Get a caddy and a cart and do it in style. This would probably be a dream gift for my husband, I don’t know about you!

Vacation. Probably the best consumable experience gift you can give. Life is all about making memories and seizing the moment and adventures with the ones you love.

A Fancy Watch. Lately, I’ve been on the daily exercise kick and I didn’t realize how hard it can be to keep track of reps, etc. So, I know those of us attempting to get fit in between all the work and family life would appreciate a great watch that helps keep track of things for us. However, there are other types of fancy watches that would be beautiful gifts as well.

Designer Perfume or Cologne. Designer perfume and Colognes are a more personal gift as favorite scents can be quite varied depending on the individual. But if you pay attention to the one you love, it should be really easy to know their favorite scent.

Subscription Consumable Gifts for Christmas

Subscriptions can be such a fun treat to receive. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving in the coming months! The bonus is they come in literally every category possible. But here are some good ideas to get you started.

The Best Subscriptions to Gift

Subscription Boxes. There are endless possibilities with subscription boxes, so you can definitely find one to fit every personality or need. Beauty boxes are really popular, Technology Gadgets, Manly items, as well as Food boxes, and even whole meals!

Here are 10 Great Subscription Box Ideas:

  1. Hunt a Killer
  2. Blueland
  3. Breo Box
  4. Knit Crate
  5. Sips By
  6. Loot Crate
  7. Winc
  8. Elephant Books
  9. Kinder Beauty Box
  10. Atlas Coffee Club

Technology Subscriptions. If you’re looking for great consumable gifts for Christmas these are definitely it. Although these are what I consider luxury items they’re the perfect gift to receive! Something you may not necessarily pay for yourself, or maybe you do and this will save you money. Either way, it’s a win!

Website Subscriptions. A great clutter-free gift idea is a subscription. There’s literally nothing physical to hold onto, but they’re so handy to have! These are all the other technology subscriptions that are streaming options from your computer, TV, Tablet, or your Phone.

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Paramount Plus
  • Discovery+
  • Peacock TV
  • Amazon Prime
  • Apple TV
  • Vudu

Pampering Product Gift Ideas

A great way to show someone you care about them is to treat them to something fancy they may not otherwise be able to afford or purchase for themselves. And this doesn’t have to be strictly for a woman, there are great pamper products for men as well.

Pampering Ideas for Consumable Gifts

Body Lotion or Body Butters. One of my favorite products to actually purchase is handmade by local businesses or artisans. If you can find a body butter made from tallow those are actually so healthy for your skin! But there are vegan-friendly and eco-friendly options as well.

Shampoo, Conditioner, or Lotion Bars. I personally have been using Rice Milk shampoo and conditioner bars by Viori for years now and will never go back. They’re surprisingly bubbly, last a long time, and do a great job of keeping my hair soft.

Toothpaste Tablets and Toothbrush. Toothpaste tablets or powder are great consumable gifts and are a perfect gift for someone who travels a lot. But another favorite to put into my kid’s stockings (and to receive as well) are eco-friendly toothbrushes. If you have to change a toothbrush every 3 months, it may as well be made from recycled material or easily recyclable material.

Lip Balms or Salves are more favorite stocking stuffers because you really can’t have too many of them, right?! I know personally, I have multiple lip balms in my purse and always carried some in my diaper bags as well. They just make great consumable gifts for literally anyone.

Lip Sugars, Scrubs, and Masks are super simple to make yourself as a DIY project gift to friends and family as well. So, if you like to create handmade consumable gifts for Christmas then lip sugars or Lip Scrubs should be on that list!

Bath Bombs make great gifts because they make you feel luxurious by invigorating and moisturizing your skin while you soak. But my kids also love a fun bath bomb, too.

Chocolate filled fabric baggies are great ideas for consumable gifts for Christmas or favor bags for kids.

Edible Gifts

I don’t know of any person who wouldn’t appreciate an edible gift of some kind. I like to include them as a part of a gift basket or themed basket. They’re wonderful because they’re consumable and who doesn’t love a tasty treat?

Gift Cards to Eat Out. I can’t imagine not being happy to be treated to a fancy meal at a restaurant. But what would definitely be a win in my book is a gift card to one of my favorite grocery stores. Because that literally will always come in handy!

Homemade Treats. This is especially true if you have a secret recipe that everyone loves, like world-renowned cookies. But if you’re into making other homemade goodies like Vanilla Extract, or caramel I don’t think anyone would be upset!

Chocolates. A box of chocolates, a chocolate bar, or some exotic chocolate treat cannot be beaten! Another great gift we get from time to time is homemade chocolate milk with a chocolate spoon or peppermint stick.

Infused Oils. I grow my own rosemary, thyme, and oregano so making infused oils are an easy handmade gift to gift. But you can infuse honey with spices and herbs as well.

Dried Herbs. This is the perfect consumable gift to give if you have even a mildly green thumb. It’s super simple to dry herbs throughout the growing season and then gift them lovingly to friends and family alike. Freshly dried herbs have so much more taste!

Drinkable Gifts

Just like food gifts you really can’t go wrong with purchasing drinks if you’re looking for consumable gifts for Christmas! Not only are they consumable, but they’re a treat, can be a luxury, and something everyone drinks things all day long. One of my favorite things to drink every morning is one cappuccino, it just makes the whole morning feel special.

Gourmet Coffee. If they’re a coffee lover they’ll appreciate a new blend to try, especially if it’s something fancy they wouldn’t normally purchase for themselves. But the best part is there is a coffee flavor for every season or special occasion!

Mushroom Cofee. Apparently growing in popularity, mushroom coffee is low in caffeine and high in flavor, so this would definitely be a special treat for any coffee lover.

Specialty Tea or Loose Leaf Teas. I only just now realized that my health food store sells loose-leaf herbs to make your own teas and I’ve gone a little crazy. Tea is such a popular drink whether you drink it hot or cold, or you like herbal or other blends. My favorite is chai, but dandelion is definitely growing on me!

Favorite Alcoholic Treat. Whether it’s a bottle of wine, Brandy, Bourbon, or Whiskey, you know if you know. As I’ve really gotten into creating vanilla extract I realize how prevalent it is for many people who don’t drink alcohol to actually stockpile it to make extracts! So, high-quality alcohol is useful to many types, even if they aren’t planning to drink it.

Household Consumable Gifts

Not the traditional consumable gifts for Christmas, but gifting items that can be reused over and over again could be a great practical gift. I can’t think of a greater gift than to eliminate the need to continually buy things over and over when you can buy them once and use them forever.

Candles. There are not many things that immediately brighten up a room like an ambiance and the smell of a lit candle.

Reusable Coffee Pods or Filters. Whether you like hot coffee or cold coffee there are reusable filters and pods and they’re pretty amazing.

Essential Oils and a Diffuser. There are so many beautiful options when it comes to styles of diffusers for your home, from faux wood to sleek minimalist looks. They are also great at helping you create a lovely-smelling and peaceful atmosphere in your home.

Wool Dyer Balls. Instead of using dryer sheets, you can help avoid the monthly expense with these great alternatives. I have used dryer balls for years and they really do help your clothes dry fast, avoid static, and you can use essential oils for scent.


The best Minimalist gift ideas are items that are consumable like food, drinks, soap, gift cards, candles, or a plant or seeds for a plant lover. Another great option is an experience gift, like taking them out to their favorite coffee shop or lunch at a favorite restaurant.

You really cannot go wrong with a gift certificate for your favorite salon or spa, mechanic, grocery store, gas station, etc. Consumable gifts like gift cards are really great because they can be put to good use in your life for things you would already spend money on.

The most awesome ideas for gifts for the people who have everything are fun indulgences (a favorite bottle of wine or chocolate), an experience gift like lunch, or unique items like donating to their favorite animal shelter in their name.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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