DIY Alice in Wonderland Directional Sign Post

Create a whimsical wonderland with our DIY Alice in Wonderland Directional Sign Post! This DIY project is the first step to a brilliantly staged Mad Hatter tea party full of fun. Get started with our free printables and explore the other fun ways to add a touch of wonder to your event. Adventure awaits around every corner!

Alice in Wonderland directional sign post with red, white, and black wooden arrows pointing in different directions.

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Transform your space into a magical realm with high-quality cute signs featuring Wonderland arrows crafted with wooden signs from Dollar Store wooden signs.

Before we dive into step-by-step instructions, there are a few things you will need.

Most of these supplies are readily available at your local craft and hardware stores, but I have linked to it all for your shopping ease.

How to Make A Wonderland Directional Sign Post

Two of the best ways to make these types of signs if you haven’t got a paper cutter is by either using a stencil or drawing freehand. I don’t trust myself painting freehand, so I usually opt to create a stencil.

Alice in Wonderland

Directional Sign Stencils

This printable is for personal use only. However, feel free to share this post with friends and family so they can have these amazing timeless illustrations, too! The download will come with all 6 charming Alice in Wonderland-inspired stencils. And print on 8 1/2″ x 11 “.

These digital downloads are free to my subscribers for personal use. The download link is inside the box above. Once you subscribe with your email address you get instant download access to not only this PDF file but all of the PDF files in my Subscriber Library.

A great way to have a lot of fun with this project is to come up with your own sayings. The sayings included in this printable include:

  1. “We’re All Quite Mad Here”
  2. “You’ll Fit Right In”
  3. “Mad Tea Party”
  4. “Tulgey Wood”
  5. “Turn Around”
  6. “Wrong Way”
  7. “This Way”

Some other fun options would be directional signs to places, objects, or even fun characters from Wonderland like:

  • To the White Rabbit
  • To the Cheshire Cat
  • “Mad Tea Party” with a Tea Cup
  • To the Queen’s Red Roses with a white rose half-painted red
Wonderland signs on a wooden dowel and cast iron base.

Watch this on Youtube:

Down the Rabbit Hole: Step-by-Step Instructions

This is just one of many ways you can create your very own Wonderland directional sign post. Follow the directions to make it exactly as I did, or fall down the rabbit hole and get a little more creative with your own personal style!

Step one of creating an Alice in Wonderland directional Sign Post is to cut out the stencils with an exacto knife,, using a rubber mat.

Step One – Creating the Stencils

Print out the designs using 80 lb cardstock for the best results.

For reusable stencils, it’s great to laminate them before cutting them out. This creates a very high quality stencil that won’t be misshapen easily.

Once printed and laminated, use your Exacto knife to cut out the stencils on a rubber mat.

Step two making wonderland directional signs is to paint the wooden arrows.

Step Two – Paint the wooden arrows

Creating wonderland signs with wooden arrows is really simple. You could stain them, but I chose to paint them.

I chose to use a foam brush and acrylic paints in red, black, white, and gold for accent.

Let the paint dry fully, for 5 -10 minutes.

After they dry you could distress them by lightly sanding if you’re looking for a weathered look.

Step three making Alice in Wonderland signs is to trace the stencils on the painted arrows.


Using a pencil or fine-line sharpie trace the stencil onto the painted or stained wooden sign.

Remember to fill in letters like R, D, G, and A.

Step four creating Wonderland signs is to paint or fill in the stenciled letters and words.

Step Four – Fill in the stenciled letters

I used metallic gold paint as well as red, black, and white acrylic paints. But paint markers, or possibly Sharpies may do the trick as well.

If you’re using paint, choose a small tipped paintbrush and carefully fill in the lines.

Step five of making alice in wonderland directional signs is to paint an outline around the base of the sign, which is an optional step.

sTEP fIVE – Paint an outline

Optionally, you can also paint a thin line around the outside.

This is what I did, but you could leave it out if you prefer a more rustic appearance.

Step Six, stain the wooden dowel pole and finial that goes on top.

Step Six – Stain the dowel pole & final

Using Early American Stain and a paper towel or lint-free rag stain the wooden dowel and finial that goes on top.

Optionally, you could opt to paint both.

Glue the wooden finial on the top of the wooden dowel pole for a wonderland directional sign post.

Step Seven – Glue the finial on the dowel

Using wood glue attach the wooden finial to the top of the dowel post.

The wooden finial is glued on top of the wooden dowel in the cast iron base.
Step Seven, choose the order and direction of each wooden arrow sign before nailing them to the dowel pole for an Alice in Wonderland directional sign post.

Step Eight – Decide on the order

Before installing your wooden arrows to your pole, first decide what order you want them in.

This will help alternate colors and directions for a more random appearance.

Step Eight of creating an Alice in Wonderland sign post is to nail the finished wooden arrows in alternating directions topsy turvy on the wooden dowel pole.

Step nine – Nail the arrows on the pole

Using brad nails and a brad nailer, or nails and a hammer, install the wooden arrows in alternating directions on the wooden dowel pole.

I chose to install them a bit topsy-turvy for a more fun appearance.

You can also optionally choose to do a protective top coat on the wooden arrows, dowel, and finial if you wish to use it outdoors. This would make an amazing outdoor Mad Hatter party “this way” sign at your front door!

Alice in Wonderland Directional sign post with painted wooden arrows facing in random directions.

Tea-rrific Ideas: Wonderland Themes for Various Occasions

A Wonderland Tea Party is a perfect theme for so many fun events including birthday parties, baby showers, Bridal Showers, Book Club Meetings, Children’s Parties, and even school events. But this year, I’m creating a Mad Tea Party for my Halloween theme.

Ultimately there is no limit to the types of events and parties you can throw using a Wonderland party theme.

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