5 Reasons to Declutter Your Master Bedroom

Bedrooms seem to get the worst of it, being the dumping ground for the entire house. I’m going to tell you the 5 reasons you need to declutter your master bedroom today. And why you should keep it that way.

Completely decluttered master bedroom side shot. A bed, vintage basket collection on the wall, two magnavox side tables, and two swag lights hanging from the ceiling.
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My bedroom is definitely still a work in progress. But I’m sharing the process with you so you know, we don’t all achieve Pinterest-worthy status in an instant as it feels everyone else does on social media. This process has been 3 years in the making for me. But the main steps were done fairly quickly. Decluttering doesn’t have to take over your life.

Finished Master Bedroom completely clear and clean. A bed, vintage baskets on the wall, and a hanging light. A magnavox side table and white curtains.
For years we used these twin Magnavox speaker & turntable as side tables. They were retro and awesome. They’re currently being refinished.

Your Master Bedroom Should Be A Haven

Reasons #1 Why you should declutter your master bedroom is, it should be a priority. Because you’re a priority.

If you’re like me this advice feels the complete opposite of your natural inclination and logic. Because no one else sees your bedroom with the exception of you and your spouse, right?

So, we hide all the piles of random stuff and postponed decisions in there where our guests will never see them. It’s because we all feel the need to appear put together always. We don’t want other people to witness our struggle or mess.

Your master bedroom should be a place of rest, a haven. When the entire house is a catastrophe you should be able to come to your room and regain some balance. A cosie, comforting space that you can rely on to bring you peace.

Decluttering, deep cleaning, and making your master bedroom a priority is the first step to making yourself and/or your relationship a priority.

If you’re like me this advice feels the complete opposite of your natural inclination and logic. Because no one else sees your bedroom with the exception of you and your spouse, right? We created a stressful mess that neither of us ever wanted to look at.

And how romantic can a bedroom environment be if you don’t even want to step foot in it?

A Master Bedroom Should Be Your Personal Space

Reason #2 Why you should declutter your master bedroom is, it should allow romance to blossom. Not kill the mood with anxiety.

If you’re a couple a master bedroom should never get in the way of your relationship. Maybe you don’t even realize that it is. I didn’t at first until I started to put myself in my husband’s position and realize he was coming home to chaos every day.

There should be one room where we could escape from the troubles of life and the hectic realities we sometimes face. We should be able to be comfortable and relax at the end of the day.

There were literally boxes, bags, and bins of literal baggage just sitting in the way of even walking around comfortably in our room. It was the elephant in the room. Neither one of us understood that by allowing our room to become the dumping ground we’d simply said our sanctuary wasn’t important. We weren’t valuing ourselves or taking ownership. But we have to live here. And nothing in the room felt personal to either of us.

It didn’t reflect our hopes, dreams, desires, or aesthetics. We were sleeping in a large closet. It definitely wasn’t a room for living in.

Painting the back focal wall with the vintage basket collection.
The start of the painting process on the back wall. I’d finally finished putting up the vintage baskets and then got around to painting. I took a photo for reference so I knew where to put each basket back.

It Doesn’t Need To Be Perfect, But It Does Need To Matter

Reason #3 Why you should declutter your master bedroom is, it should reflect you and your spouse. It doesn’t have to be Pinterest-worthy, but it should feel like yours.

The mess doesn’t define you. It isn’t who you are. It’s just stuff people gave you, or you didn’t want to make decisions on, or you just literally don’t know what to do with it.

Honestly, just cleaning out the entire room felt like a mountain had been lifted off of my shoulders.

I didn’t even Kon Mari. I just took everything that didn’t belong in there and put it somewhere else. Maybe that broke some rules, but I wasn’t really concerned about doing it the right way. I just needed it done. And I’m willing to bet you may be in a similar place.

You just need some peace. You need one room where the world gets quiet and the noise of the hurry everywhere else dies down for just a little while.

After I eliminated all the extra that really didn’t serve any purpose in my bedroom, I did a very deep clean.

  1. Dusted the Ceiling (vacuumed, actually)
  2. Ceiling Fans
  3. Above the Door Frames
  4. Cleaned the Baseboards
  5. Cleaned the Windows (it felt like I had never done that)
  6. Then I Vacuumed and
  7. Steam Cleaned the Carpet

Watch the YouTube Video

You Will Get The Best Night’s Sleep Ever In A Clean, Decluttered Bedroom

Reason #4 Why you should declutter your master bedroom is sleep. We all need it and you probably don’t realize how it has affected your sleep being slowly suffocated by all the visual clutter.

My room was just about empty. We had a bed, two nightstands, and a desk. I’d even built a better closet organization system just so I could get rid of the dresser.

I gave the entire room a fresh coat of paint White Dove by Benjamin Moore and re-caulked all of the trim. It looked brand new.

Then I added some character by installing faux farmhouse shiplap as a focal wall behind our bed. It’s such simple things that we need to do to bring us comfort. Which takes this huge load off of us mentally. My entire mentality about my bedroom shifted.

Suddenly I didn’t avoid my bedroom. I found I gravitated to it. I finally added new blinds, curtains, and rods, and threw up a vintage basket collection on the wall. Isn’t it weird how it becomes a home within a home?

Then I purchased new 100% cotton sheets and suddenly my bed felt like heaven. I don’t know why, but I get the best sleep of my life in freshly cleaned sheets.

A beautiful wood burned frame I created with all of our names burned in viking language.
This was a wooden wood-burned frame that I did a few years ago. It has all of our names engraved in it in Viking Language. If you want to see that whole process go here.

We All Have A Vision For Our Home and Master Bedroom

Reason #5 Why you should declutter your master bedroom is we deserve that vision we have in our head. We deserve to make that dream board come together with one piece at a time. One piece you absolutely love found at a vintage flea market or that piece of art that reminds you of happy childhood memories.

Kon Mari definitely did have that one thing right. We should only keep things we love in our spaces. Let’s not allow that stuff to be a priority above us and our happiness. We truly deserve to walk into our Master Bedroom and feel joy.

Can you take a moment to imagine how amazing it would feel to let go of all of those piles you are almost punishing yourself with?

Go to Pinterest and start building your dream Master Bedroom right now. Create that dream board and start looking for ways to implement each of those pieces one at a time.

But first, evict the junk. There’s no room for it in our dreams. And it doesn’t need to take up residence in our future.

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  1. Totally agree – the bedroom should be a calm place without tons of other problems and clutter. Great ideas for streamlining that space!

  2. This is great inspiration to get my room organized and uncluttered! I feel it always is the room that goes to the bottom of my list. Thank you for all these great tips.

    1. You are most welcome. I hope they help! I know we were in the same position, always putting it off. I’m so glad I stopped doing that!

  3. I’m the one who goes crazy over things being cluttered. Even though I’m guilty of not dealing with the clutter on my side of the bed, hubby’s not on board with dealing with his stuff. Add in a major lack of storage space you have…clutter.

    This is something I need to try and get us to tackle though because I can DEFINITELY see the points you make about why it matters.

    1. 100% I was the one who started. Mostly because I was the one living in it the most and it was affecting me a lot. I actually didn’t even try to get my husband on board. I just did my thing and eventually, he saw the effects minimizing had on both of us. He loved that clean streamlined living space. He chose to start downsizing his own things himself. I just kept “rehoming” them back to his areas lol and he decided he wanted those areas clean as well. Good luck to you!

  4. Love this post! I totally agree that restful sleep cannot happen in a cluttered bedroom and that decluttering it is an ongoing process 🙂

  5. Love all your tips. I’ve been trying to declutter and only keeps things I love and, or that are meaningful. I cannot believe how much stuff I’ve acumulated. You give me hope that I can lead a more minimalist lifestyle.

    1. I definitely go back and forth. I find the more I go through spaces the less I feel attached to and there are definitely seasons where you’re more “prepped” for flushing areas clean. You’ll find you get into that mindset and you’re just ready to let stuff go. I love that I gave you hope, there is definitely always hope as long as you keep going!

  6. I confess, i felt a twinge of guilt when i clicked on this post! Our master bedroom is the first place everybody dumps stuff, and it is a challenge to keep that from happening. But you’re absolutely right, it is worth the time to keep the bedroom spare, clean, and lovely. Thank you!

  7. I really do enjoy my bedroom most when it is picked up, decluttered and clean. It allows me to just take a deep breath, unlike when it is cluttered and messy and brings on anxiety! Great post, thank you!

  8. The sleep part is so important. I lived for years in a cluttered bedroom. After I finally got my act together and decluttered, it was like a had so much more energy throughout the week. It’s one of those things that whenever you finally do it, you wished you had done it so much sooner!

    Thank you for sharing! You are a true inspiration!

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