26 Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

If your bathroom needs an upgrade, but you’re working on a tight budget look no further. I’ve got 26 farmhouse bathroom ideas on a budget to get you started on the right path.

Aerial view standing up on the tub to take a photo of the bathroom vanity I hand built with a solid wood countertop and vintage mirror.

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DIY Projects in a Tiny Bathroom

My guest bath is a fairly small bathroom, which seems to be the theme in this house. For every single DIY project I take on in this minimal bathroom remodel there are a few things to consider.

  • Efficiency. The need to be creative in this small space for efficiency is of utmost importance.
  • Bathroom Design. I also need to be careful about creating a design that makes the room feel bigger.
  • Skill Level. I plan on doing everything myself in this project, so the things I choose to include in my renovation have to be within my scope of skills or things I can easily learn.
  • Adding Character. This builder-grade box really doesn’t have much character at all, so anywhere I can add a bit of charm, I’m going to do it. No detail is too small.
  • Budget-Friendly. The decisions you make as far as design, skill, and even efficiency still have to fit into the budget box.
Vintage mirror that I added for $20 from a thrift store. More than I'd normally pay for a thrifted mirror, even an old one like this. But it was just the right size for the bathroom and had just the right amount of charm.
This mirror was found at a thrift store for $20. That’s more than I would typically pay for something like this, but it was the perfect mirror for this space. And considering new mirrors are $100 and up, I still got a great deal.

DIY Ideas to Make a Huge Difference

Unless you plan on doing a more extensive full renovation you don’t have to choose to touch every single one of these areas. But, even on a tight budget, these are things you can consider when planning out your modern farmhouse bathroom.

Things to Consider to Keep and Refurbish or Replace

  • Light Fixture
  • New Vanity (New to me vanity cabinet, not necessarily brand new)
  • Bathroom Countertop
  • The Color Scheme (and ultimately the paint color)
  • Medicine Cabinet or Vanity Mirror
  • The Old Tub and/or Tub Surround
  • The Fixtures and Hardware
  • Floor Tile or Flooring
A small peg rail sits above the handmade bathroom vanity. Above the sink is a vintage wooden ornate mirror. The sink is oval and white and the faucet is oil rubbed bronze.
Too many elements that aren’t feeling cohesive.

Watch this on Youtube:

Small Bathroom Makeover Plans

Farmhouse Bathroom Decor and Bathroom Accessories

Typically in a remodel or refresh these would be considered afterthoughts. However, on a tight budget, many times changing these items out is a great way to start. They can also help you decide on a color scheme or theme.

Whether you’re choosing to go with rustic elements or a modern farmhouse style replacing these items can refresh a space all on their own.

  • Toothbrush holder
  • Towel Rack
  • Toilet Paper Holder
  • Open Shelves or Small Cabinet
  • Soap Dispenser
  • Baskets – Wire Baskets or Wicker (lined or unlined)
  • Cabinet Hardware

More Budget-Friendly Advice

  1. Stay away from bathroom trends and try to stick to more classic elements. This will help your bathroom need less updating in the future.
  2. Choose to do a few simple DIY projects instead of hiring out.
  3. Shop at Flea Markets or your local thrift store to find as many supplies as you can before heading to a big box store.
shelf hanging storage above the toilet. A handmade solid oak hanging shelf I purchased from a thrift store. I changed it to fit my style and made it more useful by adding pegs to the bottom.
A thrifted piece that I altered to fit my taste better. I also added pegs to the bottom part for added efficiency. No better way than thrifting for farmhouse bathroom ideas on a budget.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

Both of my bathrooms, the guest and master bathroom, will need a complete remodel. The previous owner had opted for the builder-grade cheapest options and those are hitting their expiration date for the quality that they were.

So, while I’m planning my modern farmhouse bathroom makeover I’m replacing everything but the tubs. Because replacing a tub is way more money, time, and work than I’m willing to invest in a home I’m going to sell.

However, in this process, I’m considering all of the farmhouse bathroom ideas on a budget.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

While I love the victorian era, there is a level of the added cost that many of those elements have. Especially when considering taking a builder-grade box to a victorian style bathroom. The victorian era farmhouse look was very much about ornate details which all come with a price tag.

A modern farmhouse bathroom, while adding charm and character, is taking it back to simpler times without costing me a fortune. Converting a builder-grade bathroom to a modern farmhouse only requires a few small changes. The modern farmhouse style is simple, clean, and can be achieved pretty easily.

Farmhouse inspired peg rail that adds charm and efficiency to the space. It's built in to the wall above the faux shiplap. I made it myself and not only was it easy, but it was super inexpensive.
I handmade the peg rail and installed it above the faux shiplap.

26 Cottage and Farmhouse Decorative Elements

Here is my long list of 26 items for farmhouse bathroom ideas on a budget.

Farmhouse-Style Bathrooms – Modern or Rustic Style

When considering a design for your bathroom I typically start from the ground up, or the flooring. Also, decide on a focal point in the room. These two things will make it easier to make decisions on everything else.

I’ve done you a favor and arranged these farmhouse bathroom ideas on a budget in order of skill level.

I hand made a solid wood vanity from common lumber, painted and distressed it, then added a woodburned design. The countertop was also made by me, stained, and coated with 3 coats of waterlox to seal it.
My handmade vanity. This vanity was built using 2x4s, 1x4s, and a 1×6. I painted, stained, distressed, and wood burned a design into it.

Hard Skill Level: Competent DIYer

  • 01 Update the Fixures. This might be a bit more complicated, but I think everyone can do it with a few good youtube tutorials. A new faucet, toilet handle, and tub/shower fixtures can really make the space. A popular classic is chrome fixtures, but I personally am drawn to the dark option of aged bronze.
  • 02 Replace the Tub. Adding in a new tub and/or tub surround would complete the look of any renovation. Especially if you were adding a free-standing antique cast iron clawfoot tub.
  • 03 Build a Vanity. If you’re going for a more rustic look you can easily design and build your own vanity using common lumber like 2x4s. Additionally, it’ll save a ton of money in the process. This is also an easy way to add natural materials, especially if you keep the wood its natural color.
  • 04 Repurpose Furniture as a Vanity. This is the option I am opting for. After building my own I came to the conclusion that the rustic vanity I’d built didn’t really work in the space. Options include Dressers, Buffets, Sideboards, Servers, or Washstands.
  • 05 Replace the Countertop, Sink, and Faucet. I chose to use a 3/4″ pine project panel for mine and absolutely loved how it turned out.
  • 06 Install a Wall-Mount Sink. Skip the vanity altogether with this option.
  • 07 Replace a Builder-Grade Sink. Usually, this means you’re also replacing the countertop since most builder-grade options are a sink and countertop in one.
  • 08 Choose to Use a Pedestal Sink. These are so beautiful, simplistic, and yet elegant all in one. However, they lack storage space. But if you don’t need it, I’d go in this direction in a heartbeat!
The white curtains hang. These are regular window curtains with a sewed on fabric liner.
The curtains need to be replaced as well as the curtain rod, which is an upcoming project.

Medium Skill Level: You’re Good At Following Directions

  • 09 Install a Creative Backsplash. Use tiles, paint a design with latex paint, wood boards, etc. The options are endless. However, I chose to install small wood pieces in a faux shiplap-inspired design.
  • 10 Install a Vintage Medicine Cabinet. I wish I had gone in this direction because they are a great way to add the most charming feel to your bathroom. Bonus, they add hidden storage space for ugly things like deodorant!
  • 11 Update the Flooring. A classic would be a white subway tile, marble, or even penny tile. I chose vinyl peel and stick for cost and ease of installment.
  • 12 Install Open Shelving. This is a pretty simple project any way you decide to do it. I purchased a solid wood cabinet with shelves for $12, added pegs, and installed it above my toilet.
  • 13 Add a Vintage Chair for storage. This is a creative way to simply stack your towels in a bathroom. If you have the space for it, it’s a great way to use an old chair.
  • 14 Create a Half Wall of Beadboard, Shiplap, or Board and Batten. This will require power tools, but the end results are totally worth any work you put into it.
  • 15 Add a Peg Rail for Towels. This is a great way to switch something out, like a basic towel rack, and add in charm.
  • 16 Add Peel and Stick Wallpaper. Yes, you can use this in a bathroom. If you have smooth textured walls this is a great way to add a focal point, character, and charm.
This is a brand new toilet that I installed myself and it was actually pretty easy. Above it sits the thrifted shelf that acts as storage space for odds and ends.
I had to completely gut the bathroom originally due to mold. During this process, I chose to buy a new toilet and install it myself. It was actually way easier than I anticipated.

Easy Skill Level: Basically Anyone Can Do It

  • 17 Invest in Beautiful Towels. I really underestimated how much this adds to a bathroom space until I recently updated my towels and invested in Turkish Towels. They look beautiful hanging on my peg rail.
  • 18 Go with a Vintage or Antique Mirror. There is nothing more elegant than a beautiful vintage or antique wooden or ornate metal mirror. A bathroom mirror is a pretty big piece in a small room.
  • 19 Add a Simple Frameless Mirror. If the rest of the design choices already speak volumes. So, it may be a good idea to go for a simple choice that compliments the rest of the room without the extra noise.
  • 20 Paint the Walls. A great example of another simple transformative project. White walls create light in a small space and also fool the eyes into thinking the space is larger.
  • 21 Change the Hardware. It seems like such a simple thing and it is. Because you can transform a farmhouse bathroom vanity with a only few simple pieces of hardware.
  • 22 Add Furniture as Storage Options. If your space is big enough, this is a perfect place to get in that charm and character without the use of any skills.
  • 23 Use Two Curtains instead of One. This gives the appearance of drapes and adds drama to a boring space. It also catches water from showers that much better!
  • 24 Use Actual Curtains with a Fabric Liner. I purchased actual window curtains and sewed a fabric liner to the back.
  • 25 Add Hooks for Towels. Self-explanatory, but switching a towel rack out for hooks really does add charm.
  • 26 Replace Bathroom Accessories. This is a perfect place to make an impact without a lot of work. Updating things like the toilet paper holder, soap dispenser, towel rack, wastebasket, and even your toilet handle.
A view from the hallway into the bathroom, you can see the handmade vanity, the new toilet, the vintage mirror, and the solid oak hanging shelf above the toilet. The brightly colored floor adds a lot of character.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope I’ve inspired you to try a few DIY projects to update your small bathroom (or large bathroom) using one or a dozen of these farmhouse bathroom ideas on a budget.


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    1. I am kind of looking all over my house for ways and spaces to use peg rails! I’m a little obsessed now haha. Thanks so much!

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